Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Longboards and Letters

Oh My Family!

This week was exhausting. I just skimmed over elder mahaffey's letter (that he wrote only 28 minutes ago... can't believe i missed him) and I think we are connected. I needed to hear what Brother Young said to their district as well. haha. I feel so connected to sum buddy. I was down on myself this week. I want to do this work as best as I can! I only have 9 months left and it scares me that I will never be set apart like this ever again. I want to talk with everyone that I see and proclaim this glad message that I have yet, like Peter, " my spirit was indeed willing but my flesh was weak" (matthew 26). We were out of miles (still) and that meant we had to walk everywhere. I do enjoy walking, but I know that I could be using my time so much more effectively if I had a car. Time just goes by so much slower when we walk! haha.

We fasted WITH stormie this week. We were walking everywhere and fasting and I was so exhausted.  After our fast, we met with Stormie and she said that she wants to meet with us 3 times a week and read the Book of Mormon with us! Great :) 

We also tried visiting Jenna this week and we were able to have a lesson with her. She agreed to a baptismal date (aug, 25) and said that she would come to church. We went by on saturday to make sure they were still coming and her husband said that they weren't interested. My heart. Seriously. I don't know how to explain it or illustrate exactly how i felt, but I felt sorrow. We just got into the car and S. aitiria prayed for them and I just cried. I love these people. all of them, but I feel so weak. I want everyone to be baptized and reap the blessings of this gospel- but it isn't that easy and my heart felt it and realized it this week. It's ok. I just need to trust the Lord and say and do what I'm supposed to do.

Oh speaking of that, Brad's words from the family email flashed across my mind everyday. His words helped me get through this week. I too feel like I am slowly progressing, but i just kept reminding myself  "to do what I'm supposed to do, when I'm supposed to". Slow and steady wins the race, right right?!?!

:) I feel like my mood mirrored the overcast skies for the majority of this week, but there were breaks in the clouds. Heavenly Father sent me tender mercies through out the week. I deserve nothing and am entitled to nothing! I am so blessed. My life is perfect. At a low point on one of the days, I got 3 letters. One from Sara Bear, Mckay and Tyler Porter. My heart felt so light. I needed that! Then We saw an investigator longboarding, so I asked him if I could ride... and I did. Wholeheartedly. In a skirt and all. And I was happy. haha. 

This email sounds a bit melancholy, but I really am happy. Lol. I laughed so much. I just feel a little dejected because I know that I could be doing so much better! But I will take pa's words of advice and be the pivot point for this area. Happiness is in the heart, not the circumstances.

I love you all. Thank you for your letters. You are the best!!

Love, Sister Mara

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Tangiriko!!!!

That means, " I love you" in Kiribati. 


Haha, my companion, Sis. Aitiria ( pronounced EYE-SEE-DEE-UH) is from an island of 200 people. Cray Cray! I have known her for 7 months and we have been friends for awhile. It's always fun to see her at meetings and stuff- so the transition was super easy. She is a crazy island girl. haha I love her so much. She lived in a hut her whole life and didn't have electricity. OMYGOODNESS. So cool. 

We laugh a lot. Sister Aitiria saw a snake for the first time in her life and she got so scared but then wanted to catch it. We caught a frog.. another first for S. Aitira. Ok there are more things that happened, but I can't remember. :) 

I love being a missionary. I love love love it. I feel happy and hopeful and am so grateful for your prayers and letters.

This week was just wonderful. I miss S.Kim and thought about her a lot, especially when I had no one to cook for me and I ate Raman all week- but miracles are happening with S. Aitiria. Remember how Stormie was kind of acting offish? Well, she got a priesthood blessing and came to church!!! She LOVED the blessing and felt peace. We are going to try and put her back on date for baptism!! Pray for her!

Felicia- remember the girl that S. Kim and I found and taught? then we had to hand her off to the Young Single Adult ward? well, we texted yesterday and she is getting baptized next weekend! CHEEEEHOOO! Haha. She is so excited and her mom should be coming, so we are going to try and teach her mom soon! Oh my, happy day!

Dougie, is doing great. Diligently reading the scrips and trying to be his best. 

We met a woman named Laura this week, she is from Mexico and we had a member with us. The lesson went awesome and we invited her to be baptized. She said yes! And is coming to church this week. She has three kids (23,18,11) and they all go to different churches. Keep her in your prayers! She said the closing prayer and was so nervous but she said " please let me know if this is right and will bring me to you" Oh, my heart soared. I love hearing investigators pray. So much. 

Well, I know without a doubt that this message that we have is True. It is the full gospel, restored to the earth. I know that with  my heart, might, mind and strength and I know that our savior lives. I love these people here in Maple Valley. (thank you for the reminder to love the people, ma) I love them with my everything and I want them to see how this gospel will bless their lives. "Andnow, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor adiligentlyfor if we should cease to blaborwe should bebrought under condemnation; for we have labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of allrighteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God." Moroni 9:6. We have a labor to perfom! Don't let up, give up or shut up :) haha. President Eyring said that, so I can too!

haha I love you! 

You are the best family ever!! I pray for each of you every night! Be happy! and Humble! Humility allows us to feel the spirit more fully and LOVE everyone. Love is the purest motive for each of our actions. K, I'm done lecturing. That's lame. haha.

one love,

Sister Mara! ( I yelled my name. That's why there is an exclamation, obviously) 

Monday, July 16, 2012

"If loving you was cake, I'd have diabetes"


Sumner always starts his emails in a different language and I was feeling a little left out.... So that's korean. Guys. I know two songs in korean now!! But S. Kim says she doesn't even recognize them. Rude. 

First, I love reading Sumner's emails. LOVE it! Fool, you are so optimistic and spiritul, it's blowing me out of the water. I love seeing the signature at the bottom "elder mahaffey". Haha! It's so cool! I got to step up my game to be even close to you, kid. You are amazing and truly honoring our family and our Savior Jesus Christ. Keep laughing and being yourself!  I'm so humbled by your example. 

This week was a splendid one. We met with Dougie and he is doing great and pressing forward despite distractions and opposition. His Less Active soon to be wifey is a tough one. I love her, but she pulls him down emotionally. He came to church yesterday but then they got into a fight and he left :( Gosh darn it! I feel like a marriage counselor. 

Stormie came back from Cali and is frustrated and confused again :( We just keep telling her to read and fast and pray and she will get her answer, but she is trying to figure it all out in her head first. She said when we talk it makes sense to her and she loves it and knows its true, but she doesn't know if it's for her. SHE IS SO CLOSE! 

We keep finding single age people (felicia, who I love and is getting baptized and matthew) and we keep bringing them to church and have awesome lessons with them with fellowship... then we have to give them to the YSA elders to teach. :( It's so sad and frustrating because I love them! But it's whats best. 

We had zone conference this week and the spirit was so strong. We watched a video of all the baptisms from this year already. Oh my goodness, this is where we get our JOY! there is no other way. To bring others unto christ. Missions are not easy, nor were they meant to be because Salvation is not a cheap experience. " we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest missionary of all time and we must experience a little bit of gethsemane if we are going to do this work" How true!! We had a big competition between three different zones over the Preach My gospel lessons. It was so intense and our zone won!!!!!! CHEEEEEHOOOOO! so we all did the Haka after, led by our Tongan zone leader. hahah I had so much fun. I love being on a mission and I love the unity.  The theme was on revelation. Some things that president said were " all of you decide what you want this mission to be like and then work harder than you have ever worked in your lives"  One point of advice that I really liked was " pray in the morning until you feel the spirit and don't stop praying until you have felt that" It changes prayers and experiences and the days! try it :) Heavenly Father wants to hear from each of his children and not some checklist. He also expressed over and over again to be humble in our callings and the lord will lead us by the hands. That's the answer: humility, charity, and hope. It's beautiful eh?

Heavenly Father gave me such a sweet tender mercy last night. We were driving home from the mission home and the sun was setting and we were driving over the water. And matthew and his fellowship were in the car next to us. My heart was so happy. What a perfect time of my life. I love life. I'm so grateful!!

I learned a valuable lesson: do not put liquid soap in the dishwaher. We came home and our entire kitchen floor was covered in water and soap!! hahahah! So funny!

S. kim leaves me on Wednesday morning. I love this sister. she is SOOOO excited to go back to temple square. She wrote me the sweetest words. I will never forget them!

Kia Kaha Kito Rungo Pai.

One Love,

Sister mara

LIFE is a wonderful thing :)

Ahoy Familia! Well my goodness, 2 weeks is too long not to write. SO MUCH has happened!!! Goodness gracious. First... I love that Sumner is in the MTC. I talk about him all the time AS IF I KNEW WHAT's GOING on. I totally know how sum feels trying to write in 30 minutes. Your hands shake and your armpits sweat and you feel like you are having a heart attack. Then it's all over for the next 6 days. 

Ok, First. THank you for praying for Dougie. Keep doing it! We fasted right after I emailed last and the NEXT day he texted us back. WE hadn't heard from him for 5 days! Fasting Works... i hate doing it though. haha. Sister Kim and I hate each other when we fast. I was shaking me leg and she smacked her hands on the desk and said " CAN YOU PLEASE STOP! YOUR FACE IS SHAKING!" hahahah. I laughed so hard, and that made her even more mad. But we laugh about it now. ANYWAYS.

I did exchanges with Banksy and it was great. We stayed up so late talking and laughing. Then we were really tired the next day. It was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. My heart felt so content and at peace! I'm so grateful for friends that Heavenly Father has blessed me with! I'm so blessed!

Stormie... FINALLY read the book of mormon without any other thoughts or distractions. She read and prayed and the spirit was so strong. We had the lesson in a member's home and it was so powerful. She said she knows what she read is true!!! 

Last week, we ran out of miles so we had to walk everywhere. I will be sending my shoes home soon haha. Not kidding. I have holes all over them. But they are so comfortable and make my feet feel better. BUT it's times to retire them. We were in a meeting and one of the Ward missionaries stops and says "uh, Sister Mahaffey, your shoes are falling apart." DAS RIGHT! haha. they are nasty though.  We probably walked 20+ miles last week. 

Last monday we had cultural day and went to Seattle with Carla. Don't worry that she is 60 and has to stop walking every 5 minutes to catch her breath. hahaahh! It was great though. I was glad I had been to Seattle a lot of times before my mission, so this time I could just people watch. We went to Pike's Place Market and I met a guy that made longboards out of KOA wood from Hawaii! They were legit and way expensive! I will prob get one after the mission :) We were in the car at a stop light and this guy pulls up right next to us on his bike, so I rolled down my window and started talking with him about the gospel and gave him a pass-along card :) haha I LOVE talking to people! I LOVE IT!

Oh! I found a vintage bicycle in the back of someones' truck, It was sitting there for like 3 months so I asked them if i could have it and they said yes :) So now I have a bike! but I can't ride it haha. It's awesome though. 

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday I feel. Haha I always get the chills when we sing the national anthem. We had a ward breakfast and it was gorgeous outside.

After breakfast we just walked everywhere and tried contacting as many people as possible. IT was way fun and we got a few potential investigator's numbers! Then we had a bbq with a family and went over to the park ( like queeny park.) There were hundreds of people there and we just contacted and talked with as many people as we could! So many members came up to us like we were celebrities or something. I was like ok go away I'm trying to meet nonmembers here. haha. 

OH MY GOSH! MA! Your letter with the perfume came and I just smelled it over and over. Your smell brings me such comfort!! 

 Heavenly Father provided us a tender miracle. Our plans and back up plans fell through so we decided to try a potential (felicia) that we met three weeks ago. She opened the door and let us right in. She told us that she had been wanting us to come back but didn't know how to find us. She is on-date for August 11, read and prayed AND came to church this week. Her spirit is so tender and sincere. Her dad died a couple of years ago and she wants to know what happens after this life. She is prepared! 

Dougie and Felicia came to church this week (and beth too)I love these people! My heart is so so full for them. I have been praying for more charity lately and i thought my heart would burst yesterday, because I felt so much love for them. Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

This morning i finished 3 nephi. Chapter 28 is my new favorite chapter. It hit me really really hard that this work is really the ONLY thing that matters. Heavenly Father will take care of the rest. I think it is so easy to get wrapped up in cares and worries of the world, but the gospel puts everything into perspective. It's the ONLY things that matters!

Well this is allll over the place, sorry about that! I have so many thoughts in my head. I wish i could download my thoughts from this past week and just upload them into your brains haha. All I know is that bringing people closer to christ is the only thing that matters. That will make us happy and heavenly father wants us all to be happy. I love this gospel. I love making others happy. I love being happy and laughing! 

" peoples' lives are like a garden and when we visit them, we should leave it looking better than before" Make everyone's lives prettier this week :) I love love love you!!!

Also pps- is there anyway you could put a little money into my usbank account so i can send some packages home?? 

Love you!!!!!!!!

Sister Mahaffey