Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I don't know a lot, but what I do know is...

Missions don't end when the nametag comes off.

It has been a rough morning for me. It's been hard to focus and I can't think straight. I just knelt down and asked God to help me focus this last week. I felt prompted to write my testimony of the purpose of this work and to help me refocus.

This is what I came up with: Love.

I could have told everyone before my mission that i knew the church was true, but i couldn't explain why. I could have said that I knew our Heavenly Father loved us, but I didn't fully understand what that meant. I'm not implying that I even fully understand it now or that I ever will while in the mortal existence- but I do understand it just a little bit more.

I have felt the love our Heavenly Father has for the people we have talked with and listened to. I have felt the spirit guide me to someone who God loves and have watched them either reject or accept God's outstretched hand. I know that sometimes we mess up and it brings sorry or unhappiness and God will never stop forgiving us- and neither should we.

There is no room for chaos or contention among the members of the church. In a society where we are conditioned to focus inward, we must take every opportunity to focus outward; to find those who need to feel God's love for them.

Our Heavenly Father loved us so much that he sent His son, He called a prophet in these last days, and restored the Church to the earth. We invite people to repent and be baptized by someone who holds the RESTORED priesthood authority so that they can feel their Heavenly Father's love and return to a loving Heavenly Father. All that's going to matter in the end is love. I love you all. Go help someone to feel the love that their Heavenly Father has for them.

Love, Sister Mahaffey

BAPTISM! (April 22)

I wish I could come up with really cool email subjects like Elder Mahaffey does. Something like Mayong Butang... but I can't. All i got to say is BAPTISM! CHEEEEHOOOO!

Oh goodness. The lord provides. no doubt. All the glory goes to God. This couple is amazing. I will just show you pictures when I get home, but truly they are amazing. They are young 22 and 24. they have two little kids. The husband was able to quit chewing. It was so cute to watch them watch each other on both sides of the font. Their family came and we gave them a church tour afterwards. They said that they just felt comfortable being there and everything made sense. The ward was really supportive and great! My heart. God is good.

The missionary department called again and they want to follow me and Sister Nicholes around for a day. Awesome! These experiences are so good. WE have been so busy lately which is such a blessing. We are finding new investigators almost everyday and the ward is really excited about missionary work. Every one is racking their brains thinking about how they can share this message. The fire is spreading! So excited.

We took our recent convert to a relief society function earlier this week and someone came in and told us to follow them. She took us out to the parking lot and there was this girl on a motorcycle just sitting there waiting. She said that she felt prompted to stop by because she used to go to this church when she was REALLY young but never got baptized! we gave her a book of mormon and got her number. MIracles.

Then we were getting out of our car another time and hadn't even had time to open our mouths and this guy shouts, " what your mormon and you're not going to say anything to me?" haha. People know and people are watching. Always open your mouth!

Sum, I'm so happy you are in the city! You will LOVE IT! i'm sure of it.

I love this gospel, so much. I love your testimonies. I love the atonement and our savior's sacrifice. This is all true. The End.

Love, Sister Mahaffey

Emotions (April 15)


Haha, Sister Mara here. I am on an emotional rollercoaster. Fo' rills. Poor, poor sister nicholes lol. She is so cute though. I love her to death and she is growing so so much! I'm so proud of her! She put two people on date this week while tracting. I was so proud!!

Our progressing investigators are awesome.They got interviewed on Saturday night for their baptism this week. We went over thursday and the husband had cut back from a whole can of chew a day to one dip. We told him he needed to be clean for at least 24 hours before the interview. I asked him to give me his cans of chew so it wouldn't be a temptation. and he did! He had such bad headaches and looked pale. I have never prayed and fasted so hard for someone in my life. He got a blessing and is doing better. His wife is so cute and such a good support. Our ward mission leader has been keeping him busy. honestly, they are a gift from God. I feel so humbled to be able to teach them. I can't wait to be able to tell you all about them face to face. There is so much to tell. I just thank God every day for being able to be apart of their conversion.

We had a sister's-only meeting this week. It's crazy all the changes that are taking place. They had to call 3 sister trainers a while back (like sister AP's) and I am one of them. It's so fun to be able to work with the sisters and try to help them in their areas and companionship. I love it, truly. I love all these sisters!

Thank you for your emails! Sum! Keep it up over there :) those filipinos will come around! haha. I love you all so much!

Love, Sister Mahaffey

Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words To Each Other (April 8)

Oh my lands. This week... i don't even know what adjective to use. haha. We saw so so many miracles. I loved conference. Learned a lot about not gossiping.

Our progressing investigators who are getting baptized on the 20th are doing amazing. Living all the commandments. They weren't sure about a living prophet or Joseph smith- they watched the restoration and came to conference at a members home and said they felt the spirit. They are doing so good! I love them so much.

We had a meeting this week with all the new missionaries- SO MANY SISTERS. Oh my goodness. There was a lot of gossip and drama going on in that short time and I felt the spirit leave immediately. I hated it. There was a spirit of contention. I don't ever want to speak negatively of others or TO OTHERS. It'd probably be good not to even think negatively of others either. President Larkin called us to repentace and said "If you don't love each other, find a way" I felt so much love and respect for that man as soon as he said that. I always say it, but Charity is the answer. Beg for it. Plead for it. 2 nephi 26:32- it is a commandment to NOT have envy or malice or contention. I love that our family doesn't talk bad about one another and that we are so open with each other! I love it!! Let us all support and love each other forever.

Conference was AmaZING. I wish i could talk about everything i liked...

I had a couple of break downs this week. It just keeps hitting me that this time is SO short. Oh, my heart is hurting. I was crying during conference and just praying that God would lead us to someone who needed our help that day. ON our way home from conference on saturday we saw a guy holding an advertising sign. The thought occurred to me that we need to talk to him. SO i told sister nicholes to write it down and we would go see him another time. We were almost home and the spirit constrained me to speak with him NOW. So I proceeded to have an argument in my brain about whether it was me or the spirit thinking this haha. WE turned around and pulled up. Even still i was thinking, we are going to freak this guy out maybe we should come back later. But I was moved to speak to him. Sister Nicholes, thought I was insane. Rightly so. aha. SO get out and ask him how he is and if he goes to a church. He said he was trying to get his life back in order because he just got out of jail yesterday and needs to change his life. OH MY GOODNESS. We testified of the truth of our message and how it would bless him. He gave us his address and we went back that night. He is preparing or baptism on may 4th. Best part is.... he came to conference the next morning with fellowship. MIRACLE. Things have been happening like that ALL week. I can't share all the stories, but just know I love this work. I love it. Entirely. Do good and be good. Talk with everyone. Mom wrote me last week and says that she prays to be led to people who need help each day. I challenge you each to do that, and god will open up the possibilities for you to be someone's saving grace that day.

Love you! Have a great week :)

Love, me.

EASTER (April 1, 2013)

happy easter everyone! isn't life so good? We taught the primary yesterday about easter. So funny. i completely lost my voice this week so i was like whispering/yelling at the kids to listen to me and they thought it was funny. NOT. Haha, i got a virus that like half the people in FW have and there isn't a remedy for it. All the members have been taking such amazing care of me and giving me all sorts of medicines. I don't even know what I'm taking. It's amazing the strength the lord is giving me to be able to work hard during the day still and muster some kind of noise so I can talk to people. lol.

Oh goodness. I love easter season. I love how it focuses everyone's attention back on the Savior. It hit me really hard this week that we celebrate Easter because he IS risen. That is present tense. While sometimes others may focus on his death and sacrifice, we can focus on a living savior and allow him to be alive in us. We can feel him and his presence everyday by living by the spirit. It's beautiful. I was feeling bad because I always thank Heavenly Father in my prayers and I wanted to thank Jesus Christ too ( in know it sounds juvenile lol) but then it hit me that they are ONE! haha, I preach it all the time, but it finally clicked in my lil head. Oh, i love the simplicity of this gospel. I Love our HEavenly Father and Jesus Christ so so much. Words can't do it justice, but I will try my best to live in harmony with my feelings for as long as i live.

Sister Nicholes is my new companion. One of the younger sisters. She is from Cedar Hills, Utah! She had a REALLY hard time this week. I know that this mission will be amazing for her. She had a really hard time talking with people and sharing the gospel. We did A LOT of roll playing. I could see her hitting a mental block- our minds are so powerful. She just got so frustrated and I wanted to take it from her. The atonement is real, we can give it to our Savior and continue on. Happiness is a choice. This week was just such a testimony builder of the power of CHOICE. we get to choose to control circumstances and be happy or let them control us. I love it. She will do great things! I'm proud of how she has grown already!

K, well CHOOSE to be happy and make good choices this week! I love you all!!!

Love, ME.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Dun Dun Dun

I will be finishing in FEDERAL WAY BABY! haha. But i ain't trunky. Sis. Dobbins got transferred and is training as well. We go pick up our greenies today at 2pm! Exciting. I feel like this transfer is going to be so good! I just feel happy and excited!!!

We met with a family that we have been teaching for about a month now. We met them tracting and they came to church, met with the bishop, saw a baptism, etc, etc. The works :) As we were teaching the plan of salvation we asked the mom what she felt her purpose is and she said "I just want to be a good mom and raise my boys" lol. nice answer! After church she bought slacks for her husband . We went over a couple days later and asked them to be baptized and she said "I'm ready, I'm ready right now" but her husband has been chewing since he was 6 years old!! gosh. We taught him the word of wisdom and before we could ask him to quit chewing, he said he needs to do it and he will quit next week! he is doing great and they are committed to baptism! I love this family!

The missionary department experience was great! I learned so much. I felt so privileged that we were picked because we learned so so much! The guy was so chill and so down to earth, he just interviewed us and helped us with investigators. It was very low key. I loved it. and he took us out to lunch. and I love food. he told us a lot about whats going on in the world of missionaries, mtc, and so on. Crazy stuff in the works!

It was kind of a slower week because we both got the flu and were down for the count but we bounced back pretty quick. it's all good.

oh! I saw michael ruesser in seattle while i was on exchanges!!! cray cray stuff. I saw him running across the street and before i could stop myself i yelled at him and ran away from my companions over to him and gave him the BIGGEST handshake :) (obedient)

We went out to eat for Dobbins' bday yesterday. Seriously so many Polynesian members there, i felt like we were celebrities. everyone wants to talk to the missionaries. If i didn't have an identity crisis before, i sure have one now. i love my polys!

Great things are happening! I love being a missionary! I love our family and i love that we all email each other every week. Stay strong. communicate. love one another! love you!!

~ Sister Mi'afe

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey family! This week was an exciting week. first, we got a brand new car! A white, subaru, legacy. So far it hasn't rolled down our driveway into a creek (sara) so it's all good. haha. I love it! Imma be a racecar driver when I grow up.

Then, we got a call from the missionary department in salt lake city and they want to come and follow me and Sister Dobbins around for a day this week. OKAaY. I'm nervous! haha, but it will be fine because we are obedient and we have the spirit and that is all that matters!

I have so many funny stories from this week. I will share it with you when i get home. haha. #lazy. Just know that the Lord is protecting us.

Our investigator found out that she can be baptized on the 30th. HURRAH HURRAH FOR ISRAEL. TO ZION TO ZION. this is the lords work and all that matters in loving unconditionally. true true. OUr savior taught us to love by example. There is power in the scriptures and with that power we can feel his love and love others in return. I have learned that it doesn't matter what we say to people haha. if they feel our love and read and pray everyday, they will change. That is a promise!

I love this work so much! It is in the Lord's hands and he is at the forefront of it. We met a man that some other sisters are teaching. He is from iraq and has been waiting to come to the USA for four years. He came here three weeks ago, met missionaries and is ondate for april 13th. He is so excited to be baptized!!

Keep spreading the word and loving everyone! love you!!

Love, Sister Mahaffey

Love you ALL!

This was another great week full of learning, growing and teaching! I had promised that I would glory in tribulation from here on out and God put us to the test haha. We got a voice mail from President on Friday this week saying that he had received inspiration that each companionship would find someone that day who could be baptized before the end of march. AS soon as you try to do something good, the adversary will go against you! haha. NO one answered their door until about 4pm. We just pulled over and prayed and asked God to lead us where we needed to be. Nothing came to us except a calm and peaceful assurance. We kept working with a happy and hopeful attitude. At 6:30 after getting kicked out of a complex and not teaching anyone, a man answered the door. He had taken the discussions with his mom a while back. She got baptized and then died 3 years ago. He wants to be baptized still, is living the commandments and still reads his BOM. He is on date for march 23rd. Glory in tribulations and continue diligently with hope.

Sister Dobbins is amazing! We had to split up this week because we had too many appointments one night. She took our investigator family to a baptism with Bishop and his wife, and then had a church tour with them after the baptism and invited them to be baptized. This sister is teaching me so much! She has some amazing talents and gifts. I took our chinese investigator to a different baptism with another member... not such a good experience. lol. the girl getting baptized was screaming as she was going into the water hahaha! Then our investigator didn't want to get baptized... iz all good.

I love you all. I'm so happy! I love our family and this gospel and this work. Have we not reason to rejoice?! Love you!

Love, Sister Mara

Friday, March 8, 2013

Romans 5:3-5

Glory in Tribulation! Haha seriously. This week taught me so much. We had a good week and taught a lot of lessons, but I felt so sad that we didn't have any REALLY progressing investigators. It just made my heart sad. I have never prayed for someone else before like i did this week. I'm not tryna be on a high horse or anything, but I feel something changing. I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each and every one of us. My prayers changed this week. Instead of praying for someone to be baptized or to be led to someone who was ready to change their life, I just prayed that we would be able to be an answer to someone's prayer. I have been humbled, gained hope and faith, and have begged for charity everyday. My heart hurts when people don't accept the gospel (except for when krusty ole ladies are rude to us), but that's ok. God know's what he is doing and all he wants from us is to be obedient and diligent.

I'm so stoked about Aubs being home! I'm not surprised about the change in her. i felt it in her letters. She is such a good example to me! Her spirit is so strong. I know she is going to be quite the leader and be so successful in whatever she does. I can't wait to see her and go on splits with the missionaries when i get back! Oh speaking of splits. My first roommate at BYUI just got back from her mission and lives here! Haha! we are going to do splits this week. Crazy eh?

Sister Dobbins is doing great! I'm so proud of her. She is so obedient and has huge potential. I do love her and I hope that she recognizes how much potential she has. I'm sure that's what our Heavenly Father wants from each of us, to recognize our potential and live up to it.

The ward got split?!? that's cray cray! As long as Aubs and Sara are still in the ward then everything will be ok. haha, just kidding. But seriously. That's soooo cool. I can't believe Ankara got misionaries! That blows my mind. Goodness. Everything is changing, how exciting. I didn't know sum's mission got split!

Gosh, I love this work! I hope to be as good a missionary as Aubrey :) I have come to realize again and again that charity is all that matters in the end.Go find someone that needs to feel God's love this week and be an answer to their prayers.

I love you!!!

Love, Sister Mara

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This week was FULL of miracles! Seriously! It was so busy, fun, exhausting, etc. I loved it! But by looking at me, you wouldn't know it. haha. I'm so unemotional because I want to conserve every ounce of energy that I have!

People were just popping out of the woodwork this week. The spirit was so strong and our faith has increased so much. The Lord really does provide if we trust in Him, have faith, and work on. Sister Dobbins second day in the field, we met a young family. We asked the wife how having a new born helped her to understand her purpose in life. She said that she just wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and raise her kids. OKAY, mormon. They have been looking for a church, so we took them on a church tour a couple days later and there was this huge ward party going on. Despite the noise and chaos, they said that it felt warm and like home. Sister Dobbins put em on date for march 23rd! Das ma gurl!

The next day our plans and back up plans fell through and then this potential's name popped into my head so we ran over there and she was home for the FIRST TIME EVER. we taught her a lesson and set up a return appt. As we were driving away we saw a former investigato standing at the bus stop on a busy road. So we parked the car and ran and talked with him, we talked about church and said a prayer. He came to church for the first time this week!!! Then we went by after church and he is now preparing for baptism. his brother and sister-in-law are less actives. (samoans, yea buddy :) I love being a part of this work!!!

Our investigator that went MIA is baaackkk! She came to church! She was just going through a really rough time, but she got a priesthood blessing this week and she can be baptized whenever! She is just nervous/unsure. Pray that the spirit works on her and that she will feel peace! PLEASE.

Oh my goodness! while we were tracting, we came around the corner to tract another building of the complex and there were 4 cop cars and two policemen standing outside behind bushes with their guns loaded and aimed! hahah! So we turned around and left. Oh man, I LOVE FEDERAL WAY. I love it so much!

It's so crazy to be a part of the work at this time in life. The Lord truly is hastening the work and the church is changing right before our eyes! There is an added measure of excitement for the work these days. It's awesome.

oh. and a HUGE samoan woman kissed me on the cheek this week. i love her!

haha, sorry this is so scattered. carry on, work on :) have faith! love you all!

Love, Sister Mara