Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hey hey hey!

Ok, well I have learned a lesson or two, or 25 this week. Be rill careful what you wish for hahaha. It was so crazy. Alll last week people kept commenting on how perfect of a companionship Hirraro and I were. They were saying stuff like “You guys were made for each other. You are two peas in a pod”. Last week, we just clicked. It was awesome. I love that sister so much… We laughed a ton! I really do love her and hope we keep in touch. I honestly thought I didn’t help her in any way- but she wrote me a long letter in my journal and it said:

“you taught me to be chill like a bro. You taught me that things I can’t control can be let go. To be real. Overcoming weaknesses isn’t a quick process. To have fun. ALWAYS. Accept criticism. Learn from everyone. Rely on God more. Laugh everything off. LOVE.”

Wow. What a compliment. I just wanted to share that with you guys, not to brag, but because it made me so happy! I’m so glad that I was able to teach her those things, and I wasn’t even trying. I feel like I accomplished something even though it was kind of a rough transfer at times.

Last week was cray cray. First off, Joe has a calling and he is getting the Priesthood at the end of this month! Tiffany is going to the temple for her first time on April 11. Oh happy day! What a beautiful work! Oh my heart :)

Anywho. Mom, your envelopes came with everyones letters and all the pictures!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! oh my goodness. I just sat there reading them forever. I loved loved loved it. I was reading letters from everyone and Sister Hirraro asked “So, wait, which sibling are you closest with? You talk about Selah, and Sumner, and Jaina, and Cami, Emma, and Alia… I’m confused at who your closest to” hahah. I couldn’t pick just one! I love how close our family is!!!

Sister Hirraro and I took a 68 year old woman tracting… not the most brilliant idea I have had thus far hahaha. It was so funny. I basically carried her up this massive driveway to a house. By the time we go to the top she was so out of breath she didn’t even go to the door with us. um HALO PLEASE, I Curried you up the HILL! hahaha such good laughs.

I’m so excited for this transfer. No joke. My new area is called “Lake Wilderness” if that gives you ANY idea of where I’m at. THE COUNTRY. hahah. My new comp is 26 and a convert to the church. I’m just going to have to love her so much. She is realllllllllly quiet. It will be interesting and such a growing experience. I hope we find people to teach. She has a good heart and I love her already, surprisingly. I hope she can feel it.

I love this work. God is my Heavenly Father and He loves us. I love that we can pray and communicate with Him.

Oh what a TREAT to see the Porters! It MADE MY DAY! I love them so much!

The fun has arrrrrivvveddd!


Ok in response to Alia’s rebuking I will write a longER email this week. I am enjoying this transfer, but it is hard! Let me tell ya! Whew! This week was Sister Hirraro's bday and it was the happiest I have ever seen her! I decorated the room with toilet paper streamers, made her bed and wrote her a poem. She just likes knowing that she is loved. But HEY- I only got so much toilet paper to hang from the ceiling! haha. jk.

OH, I do NOT like fasting on the mission!! Oh my heck it is torture. But I sure do have a testimony of it now! We had to fast as a zone on Thursday and let me just say, I should fast everyday of my mission. EVERY SINGLE house we went to, they offered us food! I'm not kidding. I got offered, dumplings, oatmeal, trailmix, oreos, cream soda, ice cream, a loaf of bread and more but I can't think of it. You better believe i got it all "to go" and then I stuffed myself after the longest 24 hours of my life. BUT we taught 7 lessons and found 4 new people to teach, all in one day. FASTING works!

Family, I love you. 

I have truly truly felt the Savior's and Heavenly Father's love for me and his children this week. I have such a personal relationship with him and it is amazing. I love this work!

I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Mara

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SUCH a Short Email...


Well, Joe got baptized this week!!! Chee! My heart is swollen with joy. No literally, it’s swollen. Like I can feel it expand in my chest. Same as when we teach this old lady named Joanne.

Anyways, Joe’s baptism was a miracle and beautiful. I love seeing people I teach enter the waters of baptism. It is the best thing in the whole world. He went under and then he just came up and looked through the glass and smiled at everyone. Haha! I love him!

This week was full of tender mercies. Sister Feller had to come and be with me and Sis. Hirraro on Friday. Oh my heck. It was the best day of my life. haha. I needed her! We all went tracting together and it was pouring down rain! Sister Feller was wearing a white skirt and she slipped and fell down this driveway for like 5 feet. Her skirt was all wet and muddy. hahah I was dyyying laughing. It was so flippin funny. She was ok. Don’t worry.

Then she came to the baptism Saturday night because she taught Joe too! Oh, it was marvelous. A member took all of us and Joe out to eat afterwards and it was just a really nice time.

I love being bold with people. The spirit is so strong and backs you up when you testify boldly. haha and people’s reactions are so funny. The Lord promises us that He is with us in D&C 84:88 and it is true! He has our backs when we are doing His work!

Oh man, So many things happened this week, but I am so out of time! I will be better next week! I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Mara.