Um halo please,

Where is you guys??! I meees you and didn't hear from many of you this week :( It's ok. you are forgiven.

Sumner! Congrats on going through the temple :) :) I WISH i could have been there! Ma said it was an amazing experiences with you.  Oh i love that you love the temple!! Isn't the temple wonderful! You are so prepared for a mission. This is great!  Thank you for being so ready!

So, Sister Kim and I fasted this week. #1- I really don't love fasting. #2- When we sacrifice and pray in faith, our prayers are answered.

This was such a sacred week. I have a FIRM testimony that our Heavenly Father is aware of each of us as individuals and is genuinely concerned for our welfare and happiness. I have felt a fraction of his love for his children this week and only desire to do his will.

" It is for us to make the effort. The result is always in God's hands"- Gandhi

This week- we continued to work hard and diligently for the rest of the week without any major success- We tracted alll day Tuesday and Wednesday during our fasting. (MOM thank you for fasting with us. I felt your strength and power- i KNEW that i wasn't alone) It was the first time in 2 weeks that we found solid potentials. Miracles.
So Mom wrote me and said that she thinks that one of the ways Heavenly Father shows his love for us through animals-  FACT! So we talked to this woman and she was super interested and told us to come back. We continued on to the next house and the CUTEST brown lab comes bolting at us with his tongue hanging out. He was so cute. He then proceeds to tract with us for the next 20 minutes. He would run along side of us, up to the next door and sit there while we knocked and waited for them to answer! I loved him. haha. Then we found out he was the woman's dog who was interested! We have an appointment with them on Tuesday :) Ha! it was perfect timing too because I was hungry and tired and down and I prayed for Heavenly Father to take away those feelings, and 5 minutes later this dog comes sprinting around the corner :) My Heavenly Father knows me and knows how connected I feel to His animals.  What a gift!

 SUNDAY the Lord opened the windows of heaven here in glacier park/lake wilderness. It was a beautiful thing. Aaron, our new investigator, was unable to meet with us for a second appointment His mom gave us the Book of Mormon back and said that he wasn't interested. We had set up fellowship for him- and he went over Saturday night (unbeknownst to us) and invited Aaron to church. So sister Kim and i were sitting in the chapel watching for Dougie and his family, and Aaron walks in with the fellowship!! It was incredible!

Dougie is doing amazing. It's amazing. I think i feel a sliver of god's love for him. I cannot put into words the love that I have for that family. I just want to do every single thing that I can and protect them from the adversary's influence. We talked about WOW and LOC last night and he already started living it on his own over a week ago. He is so prepared. I feel incredibly humbled to be able to even assist in preparing him for the ordinance of baptism.

A former investigator called us and told us that she and her (soon to be husband) want us to come over and teach their family. MIRACLE! Serious. This is a wonderful work. The lord can do this work without us, but we CANNOT do this work without him. To Zion!

So fast Sundays I don't ever bare my testimony because I want to let the members do it, but i felt so incredibly prompted to bare my testimony. I had to. So i got up and it was the weirdest thing I heard my voice but it totally sounded like Cami's! It was insane. I felt like i was just watching/listening to Cami talk through me. Is that weird? haha. Basically i have Cami's voice. lol. it was cray cray.

Ma, thank you for your letter. I really really loved all of the pictures and everything you wrote.  I miss our family, but I have had some sacred experiences with our Heavenly Father this week and he has reassured me that "all is well and to just stay the course" Everything works out when we sacrifice our time and talents.

I was in shock and extremely humbled when i saw my diploma. I don't know how it happened but I dropped to my knees immediately. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I will spend the rest of my days doing our  Heavenly Father's will. I am determined to never turn back.

I love you all. I hope everything is going well!!!! Be happy! Love life! Laugh always and smile even more :)

Always and forever- Sister Mara.