Monday, July 16, 2012

"If loving you was cake, I'd have diabetes"


Sumner always starts his emails in a different language and I was feeling a little left out.... So that's korean. Guys. I know two songs in korean now!! But S. Kim says she doesn't even recognize them. Rude. 

First, I love reading Sumner's emails. LOVE it! Fool, you are so optimistic and spiritul, it's blowing me out of the water. I love seeing the signature at the bottom "elder mahaffey". Haha! It's so cool! I got to step up my game to be even close to you, kid. You are amazing and truly honoring our family and our Savior Jesus Christ. Keep laughing and being yourself!  I'm so humbled by your example. 

This week was a splendid one. We met with Dougie and he is doing great and pressing forward despite distractions and opposition. His Less Active soon to be wifey is a tough one. I love her, but she pulls him down emotionally. He came to church yesterday but then they got into a fight and he left :( Gosh darn it! I feel like a marriage counselor. 

Stormie came back from Cali and is frustrated and confused again :( We just keep telling her to read and fast and pray and she will get her answer, but she is trying to figure it all out in her head first. She said when we talk it makes sense to her and she loves it and knows its true, but she doesn't know if it's for her. SHE IS SO CLOSE! 

We keep finding single age people (felicia, who I love and is getting baptized and matthew) and we keep bringing them to church and have awesome lessons with them with fellowship... then we have to give them to the YSA elders to teach. :( It's so sad and frustrating because I love them! But it's whats best. 

We had zone conference this week and the spirit was so strong. We watched a video of all the baptisms from this year already. Oh my goodness, this is where we get our JOY! there is no other way. To bring others unto christ. Missions are not easy, nor were they meant to be because Salvation is not a cheap experience. " we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest missionary of all time and we must experience a little bit of gethsemane if we are going to do this work" How true!! We had a big competition between three different zones over the Preach My gospel lessons. It was so intense and our zone won!!!!!! CHEEEEEHOOOOO! so we all did the Haka after, led by our Tongan zone leader. hahah I had so much fun. I love being on a mission and I love the unity.  The theme was on revelation. Some things that president said were " all of you decide what you want this mission to be like and then work harder than you have ever worked in your lives"  One point of advice that I really liked was " pray in the morning until you feel the spirit and don't stop praying until you have felt that" It changes prayers and experiences and the days! try it :) Heavenly Father wants to hear from each of his children and not some checklist. He also expressed over and over again to be humble in our callings and the lord will lead us by the hands. That's the answer: humility, charity, and hope. It's beautiful eh?

Heavenly Father gave me such a sweet tender mercy last night. We were driving home from the mission home and the sun was setting and we were driving over the water. And matthew and his fellowship were in the car next to us. My heart was so happy. What a perfect time of my life. I love life. I'm so grateful!!

I learned a valuable lesson: do not put liquid soap in the dishwaher. We came home and our entire kitchen floor was covered in water and soap!! hahahah! So funny!

S. kim leaves me on Wednesday morning. I love this sister. she is SOOOO excited to go back to temple square. She wrote me the sweetest words. I will never forget them!

Kia Kaha Kito Rungo Pai.

One Love,

Sister mara

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