Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words To Each Other (April 8)

Oh my lands. This week... i don't even know what adjective to use. haha. We saw so so many miracles. I loved conference. Learned a lot about not gossiping.

Our progressing investigators who are getting baptized on the 20th are doing amazing. Living all the commandments. They weren't sure about a living prophet or Joseph smith- they watched the restoration and came to conference at a members home and said they felt the spirit. They are doing so good! I love them so much.

We had a meeting this week with all the new missionaries- SO MANY SISTERS. Oh my goodness. There was a lot of gossip and drama going on in that short time and I felt the spirit leave immediately. I hated it. There was a spirit of contention. I don't ever want to speak negatively of others or TO OTHERS. It'd probably be good not to even think negatively of others either. President Larkin called us to repentace and said "If you don't love each other, find a way" I felt so much love and respect for that man as soon as he said that. I always say it, but Charity is the answer. Beg for it. Plead for it. 2 nephi 26:32- it is a commandment to NOT have envy or malice or contention. I love that our family doesn't talk bad about one another and that we are so open with each other! I love it!! Let us all support and love each other forever.

Conference was AmaZING. I wish i could talk about everything i liked...

I had a couple of break downs this week. It just keeps hitting me that this time is SO short. Oh, my heart is hurting. I was crying during conference and just praying that God would lead us to someone who needed our help that day. ON our way home from conference on saturday we saw a guy holding an advertising sign. The thought occurred to me that we need to talk to him. SO i told sister nicholes to write it down and we would go see him another time. We were almost home and the spirit constrained me to speak with him NOW. So I proceeded to have an argument in my brain about whether it was me or the spirit thinking this haha. WE turned around and pulled up. Even still i was thinking, we are going to freak this guy out maybe we should come back later. But I was moved to speak to him. Sister Nicholes, thought I was insane. Rightly so. aha. SO get out and ask him how he is and if he goes to a church. He said he was trying to get his life back in order because he just got out of jail yesterday and needs to change his life. OH MY GOODNESS. We testified of the truth of our message and how it would bless him. He gave us his address and we went back that night. He is preparing or baptism on may 4th. Best part is.... he came to conference the next morning with fellowship. MIRACLE. Things have been happening like that ALL week. I can't share all the stories, but just know I love this work. I love it. Entirely. Do good and be good. Talk with everyone. Mom wrote me last week and says that she prays to be led to people who need help each day. I challenge you each to do that, and god will open up the possibilities for you to be someone's saving grace that day.

Love you! Have a great week :)

Love, me.

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