Wednesday, May 1, 2013

EASTER (April 1, 2013)

happy easter everyone! isn't life so good? We taught the primary yesterday about easter. So funny. i completely lost my voice this week so i was like whispering/yelling at the kids to listen to me and they thought it was funny. NOT. Haha, i got a virus that like half the people in FW have and there isn't a remedy for it. All the members have been taking such amazing care of me and giving me all sorts of medicines. I don't even know what I'm taking. It's amazing the strength the lord is giving me to be able to work hard during the day still and muster some kind of noise so I can talk to people. lol.

Oh goodness. I love easter season. I love how it focuses everyone's attention back on the Savior. It hit me really hard this week that we celebrate Easter because he IS risen. That is present tense. While sometimes others may focus on his death and sacrifice, we can focus on a living savior and allow him to be alive in us. We can feel him and his presence everyday by living by the spirit. It's beautiful. I was feeling bad because I always thank Heavenly Father in my prayers and I wanted to thank Jesus Christ too ( in know it sounds juvenile lol) but then it hit me that they are ONE! haha, I preach it all the time, but it finally clicked in my lil head. Oh, i love the simplicity of this gospel. I Love our HEavenly Father and Jesus Christ so so much. Words can't do it justice, but I will try my best to live in harmony with my feelings for as long as i live.

Sister Nicholes is my new companion. One of the younger sisters. She is from Cedar Hills, Utah! She had a REALLY hard time this week. I know that this mission will be amazing for her. She had a really hard time talking with people and sharing the gospel. We did A LOT of roll playing. I could see her hitting a mental block- our minds are so powerful. She just got so frustrated and I wanted to take it from her. The atonement is real, we can give it to our Savior and continue on. Happiness is a choice. This week was just such a testimony builder of the power of CHOICE. we get to choose to control circumstances and be happy or let them control us. I love it. She will do great things! I'm proud of how she has grown already!

K, well CHOOSE to be happy and make good choices this week! I love you all!!!

Love, ME.

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