Friday, March 29, 2013


Dun Dun Dun

I will be finishing in FEDERAL WAY BABY! haha. But i ain't trunky. Sis. Dobbins got transferred and is training as well. We go pick up our greenies today at 2pm! Exciting. I feel like this transfer is going to be so good! I just feel happy and excited!!!

We met with a family that we have been teaching for about a month now. We met them tracting and they came to church, met with the bishop, saw a baptism, etc, etc. The works :) As we were teaching the plan of salvation we asked the mom what she felt her purpose is and she said "I just want to be a good mom and raise my boys" lol. nice answer! After church she bought slacks for her husband . We went over a couple days later and asked them to be baptized and she said "I'm ready, I'm ready right now" but her husband has been chewing since he was 6 years old!! gosh. We taught him the word of wisdom and before we could ask him to quit chewing, he said he needs to do it and he will quit next week! he is doing great and they are committed to baptism! I love this family!

The missionary department experience was great! I learned so much. I felt so privileged that we were picked because we learned so so much! The guy was so chill and so down to earth, he just interviewed us and helped us with investigators. It was very low key. I loved it. and he took us out to lunch. and I love food. he told us a lot about whats going on in the world of missionaries, mtc, and so on. Crazy stuff in the works!

It was kind of a slower week because we both got the flu and were down for the count but we bounced back pretty quick. it's all good.

oh! I saw michael ruesser in seattle while i was on exchanges!!! cray cray stuff. I saw him running across the street and before i could stop myself i yelled at him and ran away from my companions over to him and gave him the BIGGEST handshake :) (obedient)

We went out to eat for Dobbins' bday yesterday. Seriously so many Polynesian members there, i felt like we were celebrities. everyone wants to talk to the missionaries. If i didn't have an identity crisis before, i sure have one now. i love my polys!

Great things are happening! I love being a missionary! I love our family and i love that we all email each other every week. Stay strong. communicate. love one another! love you!!

~ Sister Mi'afe

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