Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BAPTISM! (April 22)

I wish I could come up with really cool email subjects like Elder Mahaffey does. Something like Mayong Butang... but I can't. All i got to say is BAPTISM! CHEEEEHOOOO!

Oh goodness. The lord provides. no doubt. All the glory goes to God. This couple is amazing. I will just show you pictures when I get home, but truly they are amazing. They are young 22 and 24. they have two little kids. The husband was able to quit chewing. It was so cute to watch them watch each other on both sides of the font. Their family came and we gave them a church tour afterwards. They said that they just felt comfortable being there and everything made sense. The ward was really supportive and great! My heart. God is good.

The missionary department called again and they want to follow me and Sister Nicholes around for a day. Awesome! These experiences are so good. WE have been so busy lately which is such a blessing. We are finding new investigators almost everyday and the ward is really excited about missionary work. Every one is racking their brains thinking about how they can share this message. The fire is spreading! So excited.

We took our recent convert to a relief society function earlier this week and someone came in and told us to follow them. She took us out to the parking lot and there was this girl on a motorcycle just sitting there waiting. She said that she felt prompted to stop by because she used to go to this church when she was REALLY young but never got baptized! we gave her a book of mormon and got her number. MIracles.

Then we were getting out of our car another time and hadn't even had time to open our mouths and this guy shouts, " what your mormon and you're not going to say anything to me?" haha. People know and people are watching. Always open your mouth!

Sum, I'm so happy you are in the city! You will LOVE IT! i'm sure of it.

I love this gospel, so much. I love your testimonies. I love the atonement and our savior's sacrifice. This is all true. The End.

Love, Sister Mahaffey

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