Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey family! This week was an exciting week. first, we got a brand new car! A white, subaru, legacy. So far it hasn't rolled down our driveway into a creek (sara) so it's all good. haha. I love it! Imma be a racecar driver when I grow up.

Then, we got a call from the missionary department in salt lake city and they want to come and follow me and Sister Dobbins around for a day this week. OKAaY. I'm nervous! haha, but it will be fine because we are obedient and we have the spirit and that is all that matters!

I have so many funny stories from this week. I will share it with you when i get home. haha. #lazy. Just know that the Lord is protecting us.

Our investigator found out that she can be baptized on the 30th. HURRAH HURRAH FOR ISRAEL. TO ZION TO ZION. this is the lords work and all that matters in loving unconditionally. true true. OUr savior taught us to love by example. There is power in the scriptures and with that power we can feel his love and love others in return. I have learned that it doesn't matter what we say to people haha. if they feel our love and read and pray everyday, they will change. That is a promise!

I love this work so much! It is in the Lord's hands and he is at the forefront of it. We met a man that some other sisters are teaching. He is from iraq and has been waiting to come to the USA for four years. He came here three weeks ago, met missionaries and is ondate for april 13th. He is so excited to be baptized!!

Keep spreading the word and loving everyone! love you!!

Love, Sister Mahaffey

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