Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love you ALL!

This was another great week full of learning, growing and teaching! I had promised that I would glory in tribulation from here on out and God put us to the test haha. We got a voice mail from President on Friday this week saying that he had received inspiration that each companionship would find someone that day who could be baptized before the end of march. AS soon as you try to do something good, the adversary will go against you! haha. NO one answered their door until about 4pm. We just pulled over and prayed and asked God to lead us where we needed to be. Nothing came to us except a calm and peaceful assurance. We kept working with a happy and hopeful attitude. At 6:30 after getting kicked out of a complex and not teaching anyone, a man answered the door. He had taken the discussions with his mom a while back. She got baptized and then died 3 years ago. He wants to be baptized still, is living the commandments and still reads his BOM. He is on date for march 23rd. Glory in tribulations and continue diligently with hope.

Sister Dobbins is amazing! We had to split up this week because we had too many appointments one night. She took our investigator family to a baptism with Bishop and his wife, and then had a church tour with them after the baptism and invited them to be baptized. This sister is teaching me so much! She has some amazing talents and gifts. I took our chinese investigator to a different baptism with another member... not such a good experience. lol. the girl getting baptized was screaming as she was going into the water hahaha! Then our investigator didn't want to get baptized... iz all good.

I love you all. I'm so happy! I love our family and this gospel and this work. Have we not reason to rejoice?! Love you!

Love, Sister Mara

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