Friday, March 8, 2013

Romans 5:3-5

Glory in Tribulation! Haha seriously. This week taught me so much. We had a good week and taught a lot of lessons, but I felt so sad that we didn't have any REALLY progressing investigators. It just made my heart sad. I have never prayed for someone else before like i did this week. I'm not tryna be on a high horse or anything, but I feel something changing. I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each and every one of us. My prayers changed this week. Instead of praying for someone to be baptized or to be led to someone who was ready to change their life, I just prayed that we would be able to be an answer to someone's prayer. I have been humbled, gained hope and faith, and have begged for charity everyday. My heart hurts when people don't accept the gospel (except for when krusty ole ladies are rude to us), but that's ok. God know's what he is doing and all he wants from us is to be obedient and diligent.

I'm so stoked about Aubs being home! I'm not surprised about the change in her. i felt it in her letters. She is such a good example to me! Her spirit is so strong. I know she is going to be quite the leader and be so successful in whatever she does. I can't wait to see her and go on splits with the missionaries when i get back! Oh speaking of splits. My first roommate at BYUI just got back from her mission and lives here! Haha! we are going to do splits this week. Crazy eh?

Sister Dobbins is doing great! I'm so proud of her. She is so obedient and has huge potential. I do love her and I hope that she recognizes how much potential she has. I'm sure that's what our Heavenly Father wants from each of us, to recognize our potential and live up to it.

The ward got split?!? that's cray cray! As long as Aubs and Sara are still in the ward then everything will be ok. haha, just kidding. But seriously. That's soooo cool. I can't believe Ankara got misionaries! That blows my mind. Goodness. Everything is changing, how exciting. I didn't know sum's mission got split!

Gosh, I love this work! I hope to be as good a missionary as Aubrey :) I have come to realize again and again that charity is all that matters in the end.Go find someone that needs to feel God's love this week and be an answer to their prayers.

I love you!!!

Love, Sister Mara

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