Monday, February 4, 2013

Foggy nights and Skate Parks

January 21

Hallelujer! Praise the Lord! Oh my goodness. This week was great. Interesting but so great. Sister Fedorovych is hilarious. She will be 25 on the 24th this week. We taught a lot of Russians/Ukrainians and started an English class at the church. I teach grammar, she translates and I help them pronounce things. We got a lot of cards printed off to advertise, now we just have to go out and find all the people!
So we were trying so hard to contact 80 people each day this week... which is harder than it sounds. But we just went to parking lots and contacted and ran up to people getting out of their cars and walking into the mall. We talked with EVERYONE. Serious, I have never been able to do that before on my misison. I don't know why I'm not scared anymore. I probably got a little prideful and thought it was just me being confident, but Sumner's email humbled me and I know it's the Lord that blessed me with that courage. I'm the worst trainer. lol. I laugh everytime Sis.Fed tries to contact people. She gets SO nervous. I told her that i was right beside her and if her mind went blank, then I would fill in. She is doing great though. WE have been practicing on inviting everyone to be baptized. I did it a few times as an example and then I set it up for her so it would be really easy. When it came time for her to extend the commitment her mind shut off and she didn't say anything. Hahaha. SO funny.
I think the Lord sees how hard she is trying and working because we experienced such miracles this week. as we were talking with everyone, this woman came up to us (who had previously rejected us a few days later) and said that we looked so happy and she wanted to take her girls to church! We got her info and went and had a lesson with her with a member. She came to church with the member and she wanted to leave after the first hour but her girls begged her to stay. So they stayed all 3 hours!
30 minutes after we met her, we were knocking on a door. It was really foggy and dark outside and super sketchy sketch. We noticed these two guys watching us. We talked to the woman who answered the door, told her who we were and said that we wanted to help her strengthen her faith in Jesus Christ. She wasn't interested. So we were walking down the stairs and the guys were standing at the bottom of the stairs. It creeped us out a bit so i just told Sis. Fed to keep walking. We did and when we were about 50ft away one of the guys comes running after us and said "Hey! I overheard you talking to that woman. I have had a really bad day and things have been rough lately. Will you tell me about Jesus Christ?" So we had a lesson in the parking lot! It was awesome and humbling.I know that the Lord sees us and blesses his children for their efforts. I love this work and I want to do it for the rest of my life!
It's been SOOOO foggy lately! and at night it looks the coolest. I love it! Especially at the skate park. There is a soccer field right behind it and the lights for the stadium are so bright- it creates a backlight for the pine trees and silouhettes everyone at the skate park. Man! I love the landscape here.
I love life. It is so good! We just need to follow the Lord's will and be happy! I love you family! Have a great week :)
Love, Sister Mara.

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