Monday, February 4, 2013


January 28

I'm so scared! My time is so so short! Oh goodness, I don't want to go home. It was a great week. We met a lot of new people and have been going through the ward list to try and find those people that are never at church or who we have never heard of. It's amazing how the spirit is directing us to random names. We met with a woman last night that the Bishop hasn't even heard of or met and she said we can come back tonight! I hope we can teach her and her family! One of the less-actives that we have been working with lately came to church for the first time since i have been here, in federal way. Oh  my goodness, it made my heart so happy to see him there.  I don't know why, but it just made me happy. Maybe it's because it was something that he has been wanting to do and knew he needed to and he finally felt the strength and desire to do it. I don't know. haha. This work is the greatest. 

So for Sister Fedorovych's bday she wanted to go to an asian restaurant. We picked one that neither one of us had been to before and sat down. It was a japanese buffet and then they told us that it was 20 dollars a person! I totally was game to get up and walk out and not eat there, but Fed was too embarrassed and said that we should just stay. hahha. So we did. And there was a lot of sea food that I didn't like, but she loved it. Happy Birthday to her. lol. I'm glad it made her happy.

We met with another investigator this week and she is baptist and from burhma. we told her to pray and ask god if she should come to our church and help him soften her heart. She looked at me and said "you pray" lol. I told her that she had her free will and needed to pray for herself. and she said " well if you don't believe then my heart won't change" haha. I loved it. I love asians. It was a simple statement,yet profound! and she was right ;) 

I love you so much. I love how this gospel has blessed my life and our family. I love our family so so much!

Love, Me.

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