Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!!


So fun seeing you on skype! So great :) I am the cutest with all my new clothes and everything. haha. I love the cool sweater because it looks to much like a grandma's couch but not enough like a sister missionary. Oh well, ain't no thang. I will be rocking it when I get home. haha. But seriously, thank you all for your thoughtfulness.

You all look so good! I can't believe how grown up Jaina is! She is so mature now! holy smokes. She sang to me on skype, that girl can siiiing! HAha, I love our family.

Dude it's almost 2010. Isn't that crazy? I was just thinking about the all of the blessings I have and how good life has been. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and knows exactly what we need. Our Savior died so that we could pray to our Father , in his name, and have the opportunity to have pure joy after this life.

Something I have realized as I have been talking to people and their life situations is that life is a test. There will be trials and hardships, but God knew it wouldn't be easy so he gave us moments of happiness and joy, great support systems, and the gospel and the priesthood, to help us through the journey. Life is so good.I'm just so grateful for this new year! It's going to be amazing :)

I Love you all so much. Pray this week and ask Heavenly Father, which of his children is needing and ready for the gospel at this moment. Then pray to be receptive of the spirit so you can be led to them. Then open your mouth and he will fill it :) We are truly the happiest when we are thinking of others.

I loooooove you! Have a great week :) Be happy and laugh so so much! It keeps ya young (dad) hahaha jk.

Love, Sister Mara

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