Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Say "R"... Not "ah"


I LOVE ASIANS. I can't say it enough. I love them so much. Especially this lil cambodian i have been serving with. I think she's an angel. She has so much pure love and charity. I have learned so much from her. She leaves on Wednesday morning for temple square :( I get another companion later that day. Her name is sis. loa and she is from China. I'm excited but sad. I really love sis. soum. I think that we will be friends forever. She has faced so many trials in her life, but she never loses faith or hope. Such a good example to me. 

So this week was great. Not amazing as far as "numbers" and lessons taught go, but we had so many miracles.

Wayne: he is doing great. Still going strong with smoking haha. Not so good. But we had an awesome lesson with such a strong spirit at our ward mission leader's house. Then he came to church on yesterday (which was stake conference) and a member of the 70 spoke. He was crying and said that he felt the spirit. Then later, he came with us to the mission president's home for a fireside. He said he wasn't going to come but we went and found a ride and S. Soum called him and told him to be ready in 5 minutes because we were going to pick him up. haha. loved it. He got up at the fireside and shared his experiences with " Sister Mi'afe and Sister Krum" hahah! HE DOES not know how to say "sis. soum." Anyways. there were other samoans there that recently joined the church so they all talked in their island tongue and he felt the spirit. in his testimony he said " I know this church is true" my heart. On the way home he said he was shaking so bad and he had never talked in front of a lot of ppl before. haha. we Love him!!

Nakeesha and Tiana: A mother and daughter. Their brother just died. They are ghetto fabulous thangs and I love them with my whole heart. They let us right in and just cried and cried. They said that they wanted to be with their brother after his life but didn't know how to change. I wanted them to just give me their burdens because I understand the atonement. I just wanted to take it from them. But that's the purpose of life, to endure our trials and come closer to christ. Right after the lesson , they were supposed to come with us to the church and they called an hour later and said they couldn't make it. UGh. the adversary really does not want any of us to be happy!! and he will work so hard against anything that can make us happier.

Grace and Michael: A Filipino woman who thinks she is Polynesian and her son who is ten. So cute. So real. So down to earth. She works with members at walmart and knows a lot about the church. She is awesome! We have only had one lesson so far and wont see her until after thanksgiving, but she is legitimate and i love her!

I love all of these people. So so much.They all have different stories and trials but they are all trying to reach the same goal: to be happier and closer to God. Perfect! That's why we are here! Ha! I have such a testimony of fellowship. We CANNOT do this work without members. Please, connect yourself to the missionaries and their investigators. Follow-up with those investigators everyday. Daily contact from the missionaries isn't enough. These people want to feel love from "normal people". haha. But seriously, all we do is find, teach, and invite the spirit. The members help them get to the water and stay active. SO importante!

I know that our Heavenly Father loves each of us. He is happy when we are happy, feels sorrow when we are sad, pain when we make wrong choices... etc. We are His work and His glory! open your mouth and share your testimony as many times as you can this week.

I love you all and miss you so much! I can't believe how fast time goes. It's almost CHRISTMAS! It's raining like crazy here and people are starting to put up trees :) I love love love it. Wish I was with you all! Happy THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK! CHEEEE!

Kisses and Hugs, Sister Mara.

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