Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spread the Cheer

Whoa Buddy! This week was so long! I feel like SO MUCH happened this week.

I will start with tracting- so we were driving to go tracting and this guys was walking on the side of the road, so i flipped a u-turn and we jumped out and talked to him. He wasn't interested so we got back in the car and just followed the road straight. We hadn't ever been there before so we were just trying to find our way out. Then we pull up and there is this big gaited apt complex that we NEVER knew about!

ANYWAYS. Highlight of the week was our investigator Kiki. We have been trying to help her change for awhile now, but she hasn't done anything. We finally decided that it was time to stop visiting her because she wouldn't progress. An hour after that, she calls us and invites us over. She started in on telling us how hard life was and we just laid it out straight and said that she has to cut everything she is doing. We told her to give us her alcohol. First she fought about it then she agreed- then she poured it all down her sink! haha! She didn't have money for an xmas tree, so we surprised kiki and went and bought a real tree with her :) SO exciting haha. The next day, she said she couldn't do it anymore and she was going to drink and she wasn't home. We felt like we should go by anyways and when we did she was there and she hadn't drank yet! So we went and goy martinelli's sparkling cider with her haha. She thought she got a buzz from it. Whater'. Then her mom texted/called her for the first time in 2 months! We told her that God was blessing her for keeping the commandments! She is so happy.

I honestly love seeing people change their lives. LIbby, another inv. came to church with us yesterday and then to dinner at a members home with us later! I love love love being a part of this work! I love spirit of this christmas season :) It makes me so happy and I love surprising people! haha! it's the best!

Ok , I love you guys so much! Trust God, Eat tons, pray a lot, and Love. I honestly feel like i'm living the movie Eat. PRay . Love. Just look to god and live! I love you!

Love, Sister Mara

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