Friday, December 14, 2012


 So this week, we had a Christmas miracle!! Guess what?! yes. you guessed it: we came home from proselyting at 9pm and we were stopped in our tracks; on our front porch, leaning against a door, was the BEST, 6 foot, fullest real life christmas tree!!! Someone got us a tree!!! hahaha! it was the best! You should have seen us trying to get it into our apartment lol. It's rad though. We got some decorations and lights from members in the ward and decorated it. It's the best. our apartment smells like xmas!!!! yay! And sister clement had a choco cat so we put that on top as our angel, and put one of my beanies on his head. He looks like bob marley. It is our Bob marley tree. How perfect.

Also, have you ever thought about how walmart gets their goldfish? I will tell you. from China. china freezes them and sends them to america, walmart thaws them out and wal-la! They are still alive. so, if you freeze a goldfish, it will thaw out and continue to live. the end.

Ok ok, on a more spiritual note- this week was the best. I realized so many things about myself and all of our brother's and sisters.
#1. when we lose ourselves, that's when we will truly find ourselves.
#2. Alma 31: 37-38- if we " take no thought for themselves, what they should eat, or what they should drink, or what they should put on" then God will bless us ten fold. God is in control and he wants all of us to just trust him and hold on.
#3. be humble and have charity- God can help us when we are meek and lowly of heart.

I love the examples in the scriptures our these characteristics. i love the people that we come across everyday. we met a boy last night who was wearing 6 cross necklaces and I asked him how he gained his faith in god. He corrected me and told me he was agnostic but that he was wearing the crosses for each one of his friends that had died. He said that he was a bad kid and was trying to stay off the streets. He is only 19! my heart went out to this dear boy. we told him that God loves him so much and asked him to pray to know if god was there. we are meeting with him again later this week.

i love life. life is a wonderful thing :) Be happy eryone. Smell christmas trees. smile. love yourself and everyone else. Tis' the Christmas Season!! Thank you for your prayers and support :)

Love, sister me.

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