Monday, December 3, 2012


Holy smokes! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hate food.

If I see food ever again, i'm going to die. lol. So transfers today! I'm still in Federal Way, Sister Luo was so cute but she is gone now. I have an American companion now. Sister Clement. I'm scared haha, i don't know how to live with someone who isn't a foreigner. Seriously, I got so so used to living and being with foreigners that this whole American thing is a new concept to me. I'm excited/nervous at the same time.

I'm way excited for Sumner to have a Filippino companion! He will love it! I kind of knew I would have an american comp, because I kept getting little signs and notes that said I would. BUT i really love this sister! I don't know her that well but I think we will see so many miracles together and learn a lot from each other! 

So Thanksgiving was grand! I loved the letters from mom and dad about the kansas city trip. It sounded so great to be with the Stiles. We had dinner with a cute little family and then went and visited some elderly folk in the nursing homes. It just breaks my heart that they had to be alone on such a family-centered holiday. So we were visiting with this lady and this old man rolls up in his wheel chair in front of another old lady and yells " BOOM!" and then puts his fists up to fight her. The old woman was so tiny and jumped SO high. I was laughing so hard though, I couldn't help it.

So I got the flu way bad friday night and my companion was dead to the world haha. the whole time i was just asking for forgiveness for not having more sympathy for Sumner when he was sick, haha. I can't eat anything just drink sprite or gatorade. I got a blessing last night because I couldn't take it anymore and the elder blessed me that it was only temporary and to help me appreciate my good health and work as hard as i can when i'm better. I missed mom so much when I was sick. like, so much!

Good Reminder and I'm so humbled!

We met with grace again this week. She said that she wants to be happy- she cries herself to sleep at night- but on the outside she is so happy. She said she let us into her home because she knew we could make her happy and that we could help her. And it hit me right then, oh my gosh, I AM the messenger to bring happiness to these people! Haha. Scary, but true and I'm so happy to be apart of this work!

I miss S. Soum so much. But this transfer will be wonderful. I was laughing so hard about how blunt luli is. It's not just her... it's everyone that isn't american. I had a korean sister take my picture with sis. luo on thanksgiving and she looked at it and said
" you look so much prettier in real life. your pictures are terrible" ahaha, It made me laugh so hard.

Oh and I'm coming home in may... not april. President told me this week. S. Soum had an interview at his house so we got to hang out at president's house for a little bit. It was really fun. I just love being around family!

I miss you all. I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas!! so soon! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister Mara.

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  1. Sis. Aitiria is now in Bellevue 7th. I love your blog and learned a bit more about Sis. A.