Tuesday, November 13, 2012

moments with mara

Wouldn't that be a cool title if wrote for a paper? It kind of sounds like Delilah. Maybe I should go into business with her.

ANYWHO! Hey you all! I just read sumner's email and am SO SO humbled! "Our brother. OUR brother. our Brother"- (alia at 9 years old) haha. But for reals, i love sum's selfless service. I love that our family is so missionary minded. This gospel will go forth to every nation! Serious!

Well, this week was great. again. I feel like I say that every week, but it's always great being a missionary. Our heavenly father is so aware of us. Sister Soum and I were tracting and we tracted into a woman that used to be LDS. It was raining and freezing and she let us in.

We had little miracles like that all week. I love it. Our ward mission leader whispered to us and asked if we would pray for his wife to be able to get a job. haha. I was like " of course! why are you whispering??" and then he just said i feel bad asking but i know that every missionary's prayer is answered haha. It's true. I feel so close to our Heavenly Father and Savior. I'm so grateful for the sacrifice. Our heavenly father never sent us here intending for us to fail. He is so merciful and created a perfect plan so even when we do mess up, we still have a chance. How beautiful.

I second Sumner's comment on laughing. I laughed SO hard last night.

I'm so sorry for acting out in pride now or in the past. I just want to apologize now! I'm sorry if i ever hurt anyone.

I love you all and hope you have such a wonderful week! Be happy and laugh a lot!

Love , Sister Mara

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