Friday, November 9, 2012

This Church is so True, It's Ridiculous!!

(I forgot to post this on October 8)

OH FAMILY! Are you as happy and ecstatic about conference as I am?!?! ahhhh hahaahahah! I'm so so so excited about the age-change for missionaries! I got chills everywhere and felt such a confirmation of the spirit. This work is about to roll forth in a way that it never has before.

Banksy and I did exchanges this week, and it was great! I could tell it was hard/sad for her to be back in Federal Way. This is where her heart is! The people love her here and she loves them so much. That's all it is about, love. People want to feel love and be loved and know that someone who loves them believes they can change. Jackie DeShannon was right on when she sang " what the world needs now is Love, sweet love" Those hippies were semi-close. Now they just need the gospel and they would make bomb missionaries!

You know, not a whole lot happened this week. We had zone conference and general conference and there were some funny stories in between. I could probably write a huge long email on all of that, but I don't really feel like it. Is that bad? I just feel so happy and overwhelmed by this gospel and the conversion that is taking place in my own life. I was talking to Banksy about how I wish that I could help more people by bringing them to the gospel and it made me sad that I hadn't had the opportunity to baptize that many people. I just am not sure what my purpose is here. And she, ever-so-wisely, said that maybe I am here for me. That sounds selfish and I would never have done this for myself. I just want to make others happy and help their lives become better, but I have come so close to the Savior and I will never ever deny that this is truly his church and gospel. It's so true, it's ridiculous. I really want to spend the rest of my life helping others to see it too!

Our Savior loves us so much. He knew that this would be hard, so he gave us the gospel to help us. Oh how glorious. I love love love being a missionary. I love our Family! and I love that sumner is living in the Philippines! hahaha CHEEEEHOOOOO!

Sorry This is Short. AHHHH! I love you alll! Never Forget it!

One Love, Sister Mara

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