Friday, November 9, 2012

Matty's Baptism!!!

Hey all! Matty got baptized :) haha. it was great! this week was so great and so full of miracles. let me just say that faith truly and really precedes the miracles. miracles don't bring faith. Wow.

So we went to matty's house at 9am, the font was filling and we had everything ready. well, he was still sleeping and his dad wasn't there!! gosh. so we rang the doorbell like 12 times and then i finally threw a penny at his window and he answered. we called the ward mission leader and he went over and got him dressed and drove him to the church. we were waiting on the "ok" from his dad and FINAlly he said yes. but he wasn't able to make it ;( my heart!!! Oh Family, i love this little matty more than anything. it's crazy how you can love someone so intensely and then 20 minutes later go to another appointment with someone else, with different problems and circumstances and love them just as much. it's a beautiful thing!!

Sister Soum is great. I feel like i'm living in Cambodia haha. her experiences, humility, faith, charity, could rival a giant. she is amazing and so intense. haha. she was the first convert in her family and they didn't talk to her for a month. She prayed for 11 years to be able to come on a mission and finally she was able to come. i love her so much. we taught a Cambodian family this week. well... she did and I listened and smiled. we taught them for 2 hours because the girl was supposed to get baptized that night. man, i felt like Sumner haha. the people would look at me and say something in Cambodian and i would just smile and bow at them and say " jah bon' haha which means 'yes' and then they would laugh. she didn't end up getting baptized ;( it's ok.

So on sunday we drove around for an hour waking up all our investigators and getting them ready for church. only one came and it was kind of dissappointing but not discouraging. We knew that we did all we could and the Lord would provide. and He did. we showed up at church and 3 investigators came! out of the blue! it was crazy. and 5 less-actives. my heart was so so happy to see them there again. I wanted to hug them all and jump up and down. how great.

an elder just returned from the philippines and talked all about the people there. he talked about his experiences and how their main efforts were to reactivate the less-actives. Sum- don't be discouraged about your investigators, reactivation is JUST as important. they are all God's children. success is measured by how much charity we feel for the people. serious. i felt so close to Sum as he was talking.

A lot more happened. i feel like it has been a month!! but i don't know what else to say haha. i love you all. thank you for your prayers and support. it's almost the end of october already. cray-cray! what is erybody going to be for halloweenie/!?!

love love love you!!!

Sister mara

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