Thursday, October 18, 2012

Korea, Kiribati, Tonga, CAMBODIA

Hey Family!

Well what a week. There is never an uneventful week on missions. haha. Matthew's dad texted us an hour before the baptism and said that he wasn't going to get baptized today. Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard because that WOULD happen. So we went right over and rang the doorbell like 12 times and then he finally came out. His dad got called into work last minute and didn't want to miss the baptism!

Anyways, that kind of broke Sister 'Ate and me. We just cried and our district leader came and talked to Matthew's dad. but he didn't budge. It was a good lesson to learn though. I am learning to just keep the faith! Faith is not to only believe in things that you can't see, but to still believe that you will have success and happiness when nothing works out. No matter how many times things don't go your way. lol. I really am learning just to take the good with the bad and grin and bear it. I love the lessons we learn on missions!

Ate was so funny this week. We got some helium balloons and she had never sucked them before. This balloon was like the size of my torso haha and she did the whole thing and was just laughing and singing. Then, she laid down and was like oh no, my head really hurts haha. I will miss her. She got moved to the Tongan ward and probably will be there until the end of her mission.

Sister Saum is from Cambodia. She has a really cool story and has had a rough go. It will be a good transfer though. I am excited to work with her!! And learn about her and her culture.

I really love this ward. I just want to help the bishop and the ward progress as much as possible. They are all so wonderful and I want to give back to them. This is the true church!! I love it. Yes, life get's hard but if we dwell on that, it will only get it down. The only thing to do is to rely on the atonement, smile, and just keep going. That's the only way!! I'm so happy. So happy. Life is a wonderful thing :)

I love you all so much. Have a happy week :)

Love, Sister Mara

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