Friday, November 9, 2012

Aua mi oe??

Hi Family!

Ok, first off- I'm so glad Elder Mahaffey is doing well. I wasn't all that worried though. haha. no offense sumbuddy. I got the message for the family fast for sum!! I'm so happy i got it in time! I just knew that the Lord would take care of you!! I was more worried about ma. haha I bet she was as sick with worry! I'm glad you are doing better Sumner! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. It's the WORST being sick on the mission. the WORST. Your companion is so sweet. I'm so happy that he took care of you. tell him thank you for me.

This week was so slow all week. Serious. No one was home. We had like zero lessons, a couple here and there but it was so slow. And we hadn't met any of our goals! sad. But saturday rolled around and we taught like 6 lessons, found 5 new investigators and put them all on date for baptism and three of them came to church! It was such a miracle. PATIENCE y'all. patience. The good lort will provide. It was beautiful.

Halloween was fun. EXCEPT our mission president decided to have a mission fast on the night of our ward halloween party. haha. Trial of faith lemme tell ya. I LOVE food. serious. We had a lot of investigators there and some people no one knew and then our phone got jacked! haha. I was so afraid to tell president. but it's all good.

So I had been praying to be able to teach a polynesian family. I don't know why, i just really wanted to and felt prompted to. When we ask for specific things that Lord answers our prayers! It's true. So one of our new investigators is a samoan boy. He is 21 and his brothers got baptized in another ward a few weeks ago. He was so prepared. We asked him to come to church with us and he said, i don't know maybe. But then he calls us an hour later and asked if we could get him a ride the next day! So cool! haha. So he came and stayed all three hours. I love him! So humble. I asked him to stop smoking and he said it would be hard but that he would do it :)

we met with Martha, the sudanese girl that showed up randomly at church last week, and her family. Her mom and sister are now new investigators and came to church and are on date for baptism for Dec. 1!!

Matty is doing well. Still by himself all the time, but he is in the scouts program now and our ward mission leader is taking good care of him!! I love that man. He is awesome.

We get to go to the temple today! So excited!! i love it there. I love you all so much!! have a good week and "live after the manner of happiness" like nephi!!!

Love, Sister mara

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