Monday, June 25, 2012


My Sweet Family,

I hope it’s not too late and that Sumner gets this before he leaves. So each missionary kind of has their own little saying (I’m beginning to pick up on this haha) Our AP’s saying is “PUT SOME PEP IN YOUR STEP”. One of my zone leaders’ sayings was “Just Dan Jones It!” Sister Kim’s and mine is “Let’s do this” hahahaha. I love it so much. It started out as a joke and now every time we are getting out of the car we say “let’s do this!”

Sumner’s farewell sounded awesome. I cannot believe you had 46 guests at church!!!!! That’s a missionary’s dream come true!  I thought about sumner so much yesterday and just felt so close to the family. Mom, I loved your letter to the family. I thought about you so much too. I hope you heart is doing well!

I’m so proud of Sumner already. I was studying in Preach My Gospel this morning in chapter one, under “successful missionary” – I think it could be applied to members too. Basically anyone!  I love what Elder Oaks states “We invite all to come unto Christ by repentance and baptism and confirmation in order to open the doors of the celestial kingdom to the sons and daughters of God” The word invite means to “request formally” As missionaries, we are set apart from the world to “formally ask” others to come unto Christ, but as members you can invite others through your example.
On page 11 of PMG it lists ways to measure if you have been a successful missionary or not. I shared this with a member family last night and know that if we (children of god) measure ourselves according to these standards every day, we will be successful!  “ You know you have been a successful missionary when you : feel the spirit testify through you, love people and desire their salvation, obey with exactness, live worthy of the spirit, develop Christ-like attributes, help build up Zion wherever you are, invite people to make changes, teach and serve those closest to you, DO GOOD. “

I loved Dad’s idea and invitation for all of our families to try and go to the temple weekly.
I can see the focus and spirit of our families changing. I am so grateful for the righteous priesthood holders in our family and for the pure and virtuous ladies. “all the virtuous ladies!” ( you know, like all the single ladies? Hahaha)

Anywho, there are my two cents J I cannot wait to be serving with Sum in the field. It is a magnificent experience. He has already inspired me to be a better missionary and to work harder. Oh happy day J
So a recap of this week:  Our investigator got married to his girlfriend and now he can get baptized.
Jake and Patricia have had a rough life. They are only 18 and 19 and they already have a 2 year old and another on the way.  All of their families came to the wedding. Oh my goodness. 
Dougie is getting baptized this week.  Please pray for him.

I have accidentally taught Sister Kim many phrases. It’s so funny. It’s like teaching a little kid new words. People really do learn by example. She has learned “ghetto, crappy, definitely, absolutely, snap” It is so hilarious to hear her say all of them.  But I told her not to use slang words. Then she asked me why I can say them. OK, SERIOUSLY? I feel like I already have a child! Haha.

Oh, FYI- Sister Kim informed me that “Cindalella” was actually “psycho”. Her exact words. Haha. She said that cindalella imagined it all in her head  hahahah. So funny.

Oh President said that we weren’t allowed to laugh loud anymore. Oh goodness. Good thing My laughs are silent and only my nose moves J

Ok, I love you guys!!! Sumner! I will write you in the MTC asap. But I need you address.  Love you!!!
Let’s do this J

Love, Sister mara.


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  1. Hello to Sister Mahaffey and to whomever puts this great blog together for her. I'm an old roommate of Mara's from BYUI and my family and I live in St Peters, Missouir now. Knowing she's from this area..I'm wondering when she comes home and if we might be able to see her or go to the airport or anything. I'd love to see her again! Thanks.. Hailee Hunter (316)253-0757 call or text