Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad, Adam, Brad- Happy Father's day you lucky dogs. Hope you all had the best day and thought of me on a mission. hahahah! Ok kidding kidding. I thought of each of you yesterday. I hope it was awesome. Especially for you, Brad. You first timer!!

Ok, enough of that.:) jk jk Guess what?! My bread ROSE! ha! I finally got it to rise! and then it cooked perfectly... on the outside. The inside is ALLLL DOUGH. haha. Sister Kim didn't like it. Rude.

My mind was ON FIRE this week. I couldn't stop thinking about things and it made me mad because I just want to focus on the mission. Haha. I thought about Sumner and how he is leaving SO SOON. when does he fly out to Utah? Every time I think about him I have this flash back of him and I taking the red wagon around the neighborhood and collecting EVERYONE's newspapers... and then redistributing them. haha I'm sure the neighbors appreciated that. Or I think about when sumner and I both got doll's for christmas and after we walked around the hood with them in strollers. Oh man, look how far you have come :) No wonder you are so good with Liam :) hahahaha.

I thought about Alia... and how she is moving to Turky. I'm a little worried about adam and alia moving over there. Can I be your nanny next summer? Kthanks. I know adam would LOVE that.

I thought about Mckay and how he wrote me!

Serious. My mind was everywhere. But! Despite my distractions, He still blessed our area with miracles. Stormie ( an investigator we found 2 weeks ago) came to all three hours of church. Bishop introduced her over the pulpit and everyone said hi to her afterwards. We fasted for her this week and then had a couple of lessons and lunch with her. she is truly searching for truth and just wants to know what is right. Please pray for her. She is amazing.

Heavenly Father blessed us with amazing service opportunities. We are now official volunteers at the local arboretum. So every wednesday we go and plant plants or weed with 5 people. We are the youngest by about 40 years haha. Then one of our member's neighbors asked us to come weed wack and mow his lawn! It was great! It is sooo theraputic for me. It  just clears my mind and I love working hard and seeing the progress-right there! I was so grateful for that.

I gained the biggest testimony of daily contact this week! It had been a few days since we were able to contact Dougie (who was on date for june 23) and then he randomly texted us and told us that he wanted to push back his date! Oh no!  I would hate for him not to be baptized knowing that we didn't do absolutely everything we could! Oh goodness.

Welp. I don't really know what else to say. Love you guys! Be happy! I pray for you every morning and night!

Love, Me.

Ps- i thought about cami, ma, selah, jaina,emma too. no worries.

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