Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hi !! It's ME !!


My lil, Pumpkin -munchers. This is going to be short because I only  have 19:12 minutes left on this comp. I hate that dang timer at the bottom. It stresses me out every time! But I'm just going to copy and paste my email to president, so you can get the good info on what happened this week. Then I will add a lil' more at the bottom. Mmmk? Ok :)

Hi there President!

I'm so happy both Sister Kim and I are staying in Maple Valley for another transfer. We can see the work progressing... slowly, but it is progressing nonetheless! I love seeing these wards become more missionary minded and ask about our investigators, and ask how they can help and then act on it! It's great.

Dougie is doing awesome and is on track for baptism!  He probably will need to be interviewed by you, so you will get to meet him :) One of the members of our bishopric came to a lesson and invited his family over for dinner yesterday! Dougie thanked him and said that he wanted to get to know more "guys" in the ward. He was tempted to have tobacco this week, but he stayed strong and remembered all the promises he made so he didn't buy any or chew any! Hurrah!

We have been praying and working with Lake Wilderness. We really want them to be able to see the people who are prepared in this area. Well... prayers were answered! We found three new investigators in lake wilderness this week and had great lessons with them! We hope and pray that the work will continue here.

Beth set a date for baptism, but every option of housing for her is falling through. It's disappointing and we are trying to understand why we can't help her progress. We know that there is a reason for everything. We will continue to be patient and continue onward- it is the only thing to do.

Sister Kim and I set goals for this next transfer. We both want to work on our attitudes/perspective and diligence. We have been working hard, consistently but we want to put our whole heart into it- all the time. We prayed about a baptism goal and we feel that two of God's children are prepared in glacier park/lake wilderness to be baptized this transfer! To Zion!

I love this work, President. It is not easy and there up days and down days, but it is worth it. I trust our Heavenly Father and he knows each one of his children perfectly. I love our Savior and am so, eternally grateful for his sacrifice. .

much love,

Sister Mahaffey

Ok, so as you may have noticed... I'm a little more serious with President. I don't think he would appreciate me talking about stray cats we let in the car.

I do want to say that I LOVED the pictures from Sumner's and Cami's visit to Alia! Oh my! That made my heart so happy! I yearned to be there with you all! But this is such a great work :) I loved the pic of Asa and Liam on the couch! I loved the pic of Liam blowing out candles and you can see Sumner ready to take a camera photo in the background. I loved every picture! I love our family.

I got long emails from a lot of you! Thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to write those! I haven't had a chance to read mom's or Cami's yet, but I will print those off. I just want to say There have been times that I wonder if President knows or cares about me haha. I love that man so much and respect him more than he will know! BUT to have words of affirmation from my own pops is the best feeling in the world! "
Mara, you are a wonderful daughter.   You mean the world to me . I'm so proud of the service you are rendering and know the Lord will walk with you all of your days for this."  My heart! Thank you! Thank you!

Family, I love this work! Your words sustain me and help me so much! More than you will know! Thank you!

Ok, I gotta run! Love you all! Sorry this is so scattered!

- Love, me!

Pics: We went tracting at a parade with the elders
- Sister Kim made fun of how small my mouth was and i told her we had the same size... so we compared!  See fo yoself...

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