Thursday, May 17, 2012

SECURITY! Suh-cuhr-reh-tee!!

SKYPING ON MOTHER'S DAY WAS THE BEST!! OH MY GOODNESS. Did you know i love you guys? hahahaha!  LOVE YOU! Serious. Everyone looked so good. Except I saw selah and emma for only like 30 seconds... and that just is not enough.

Ok, what I loved most. THE MOST. was that when cami or alia got on skype, you all were so excited to see them too! And you all took time to talk to them. Like you hadn't seen them for awhile either. I loved that! I thought about that after I got off skype and I just smiled. It made my heart so happy. I love that we all love each other so much. Except you love me the most, right? :) hahah jk.

cami looked so good! Her and her sweet little ace man are two peas in a pod, just quiet and serene. Why was I named serene? haha. Cami, we can switch if you want. Alia's baby bump(S) looked great! I couldn't tell you were prego from your face, and then you stood up.... haha more lil liam, hopefully he gets his growth spurt soon.

So how was everyone's mother's day? What did you all do? What did you eat for dinner? Did anyone get any gifts?? give me the 411. as if i'm right there. mmmk pumpkins? :)

OH! so after I got off skype with you guys, we went to the park to study because it was 80 degrees and sunny here! While we were there, this guy walked by so we started talking with him and he has 12 friends on missions! holy smokes! SO we taught him a lesson and gave him a book of mormon and are going to his house this week! MIRACLE!

Did i tell you i went to University of Washington campus this past week? We had exchanges, so we went to campus and just contacted all day. I met Me, with dreads. She was ME. it was crazy. She was getting volunteers to go to Africa and she had siiiick dreads. I taught her the restoration right there on campus and told her the Joseph Smith Story. Then i got her number and she will have an appt with the sisters another time. It wsa so cool. I loved being up there in the middle of the city!!

So our investigators... We met a few this week and I love them with my whole heart. I LOVE THEM. Shane, is in his late 30's, single dad and very shy. He hauls hay for a living and lives in a trailer with his son, shane. They are both so cute. They are on date for baptism. But he won't come to church. That is the hardest part! Oh boy. We stopped by his house Sunday morning to get him to come but he didn't answer.

The Barrera-Reyes family is lovely. Jesus is the dad and Olivia is the mom and their little boys are brian and jonny. They are so cute. We had a lesson about the restoration with them this week. I shared the first vision with them and they said "wow, das rilly goot" haha. They have such the light about them. We gave them a book of mormon and are going back tonight!! They are catholic, but their parents are christian and they want to know which church is true. Pray for them please. I love them so much.

Cassidy is turning 18 tomorrow and will get baptized in two weeks.

Well I know that I will get off here and think of a million things that I should have written... :( Sorry I can't think!

Ok, I love you guys. Sumner, You are going to love your mission. LErV it. Haha. It is the best. Really really. But Imiss the heck out of you guys.

Be good. Be happy. Love each other. Don’t get offended. Have Charity. Communicate. I pray for you every night. Dad. You’re legit.

Love, ME!

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