Friday, May 18, 2012

Dream Dreams!

(Email Sent May 8, 2012)
Hi FAMILY! Sarang He! That means “I love you” in Korean. Sister Kim IS SO FUNNY. I laugh so much at her and sometimes with her. She has got such a spunky lil’ personality and she is witty! I love her. She is a work horse. I prayed to have someone that I could just waste and wear out my life with… we are doing that! Every single night has been a blur. I feel like I hit the pillow and wake up 5 minutes later. Serious. I sleep SO DEEP. And my dreams have been CRAZY. It’s fantastic.

We had a tremendous week. I’m training, but not really, because she was on Temple Square. Our mission is WAY different than theirs so she does need some training but she is very focused on the work. We haven’t had a pday for two weeks because of transfers, but first night together we dropped her stuff off at the apartment and then went tracting. We full out run to each house every single night. The spirit is so strong when we teach together. What a blessing it has been.

Elder Golden of the Seventy came to our mission yesterday. It was so spiritual and intense. He met each one of us and shook our hands and talked for a few seconds about ourselves. I am so blessed to have such remarkable experiences here on my mission. He stood in front of us and he said “ as a servant of the Lord, I can tell by just looking into your eyes, the level of your spirituality and morality” Holy smokes.

We had a leadership meeting later and he spoke to the trainers first and he said, “As general authorities, you are the most trusted missionaries in the mission. Every missionary is equal, but the Lord trusts you with our new missionaries.”Whew! If that didn’t make me feel overwhelmed. But I feel the Lord’s strength so much (and the adversary’s attempt to bring me down just as equally).

Ok this week was FULL of miracles. We found 4 new investigators. We prayed and had an inspirational thought before tracting each night and set goals. Every night we accomplished each of our goals!!! We put 4 people on-date for baptism and found a man who had been in jail and was a member before. He never felt right going back to church, but we got him in touch with the bishop and one of his roomies is a new investigator!! Holy moly.

I also laughed so much this week. Hahaha. Sister Kim’s is so funny. She always says “oh wow!” Now, I say oh wow, too. AND I made my first pot of rice in my entire life…. What is happening?! Sheesh. She is terrified of Dogs. Too bad that EVERY house in Seattle owns a dog. One night this huge german shepherd came running at us barking and she screamed and threw me in front of it. And then I saw the sign that said “beware of dog” haha. Luckily it didn’t eat me.

Oh at the training Elder Golden called an elder out for saying “so” and “um”. He said that our language is a reflection of our calling.

President Larkin said that I was a miracle worker with Sister Morgan. She is doing amazing! It makes me soooo happy.

One last thing. Elder Golden told us to Dream Dreams and see visions. I think Dad is a wonderful example of that. We must have visions and then work so hard. He told us that every time we meet someone, be someone that they cannot forget. Let's change the lives of everyone we come in contact with!

AND one last thing to add to Alia's email. These are the last days. Movies are getting worse, humor is getting more crude, language is degrading. BUT as we are obedient to all of God's commandments, we will discover the real God. Our relationship will change dramatically. I may be the only set apart servant of the Lord right now, but we are all servants. As servants, we need to think differently about life and raise the bar. We cannot live on the edge anymore. We are a family and as families we are to protect and uplift one another. Pray for each other. Pray for your children. Sorry to be preachy. Our Heavenly Father knows us perfectly. So perfectly. This is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we are apart of the only true church. President Monson is a prophet of God, and our Heavenly Father wants us to have conversations with Him everyday.
All that it comes down to is Charity and Humility. Love the people. Love each other. Love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and everything else will fall into place.

I am so grateful for this mission. I love you! Talk with you on Sunday! You are the best family ever!!! Stay strong!

Love,Sister Mara.

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