Monday, May 28, 2012

Families Are Forever

First off, I loved getting on the computer today and seeing emails from my family. It does something to my heart. oh my goodness. Even though i haven't read all of them yet (just sumner and cami's and a little of mom's) I felt like I was going to cry. I remember back in Federal Way I used the scripture Alma 26:11 to describe my feelings around samoan families " But behold, my joy is full , yea my heart is brim with joy and i will rejoice in my god". Guys, that's how i felt when I read those emails and saw letters from my family today! Whoever knew that I could feel that way about a white family! hahah. Just kidding. Basically, you guys are the best and I love you forever and ever. I am always here for you and plead with Heavenly Father every night to watch over each of you. Be good, ok? Ok.

This week was fantastic. We had the lowest number of lessons taught, in the history of this mission, but it was amazing. Haha ok, not really, but we didn't have many lessons. We worked so, dang hard. And God made up the difference. We tracted a lot, met with part member families a lot and saw a lot of miracles!! Oh my goodness. We went and visited this inactive family (hawaiians! cheee!) and they have two nonmembers living there. We have always wanted to teach them but it has been chaotic and never really happened. Well for mother's day alll of them came to church! So we went and visited this week and all of the little kids were gone so it was quiet. Then the nonmembers told us that they wanted to learn more and we had the most spiritual lesson! The inactive members bore the most sincere and heartfelt testimonies.  I think that was the best moment on my mission. We are going back this Thursday to meet with all of them again. That was divinely orchestrated. I could have never planned anything better! oh my word, it was phenomenal.

President gave me a blessing this week ( we had interviews and I just wanted one so that I could do the best at my position) he said “ I promise that you will be magnified and have a greater ability to do this work.” God does not promise anything that he won’t fulfill! I have never received so many promptings in my life! It was amazing to have the spirit working through us. Words of Mormon 1:7, “ And now I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things, which are to come wherefore he worketh in me to do according to his will”

We were walking to an appointment and I felt like we needed to go up this street. I didn't really want to walk because it was kind of far, but the thought kept coming to my mind, so we did. We came by this garage sale and started talking to the lady and she wasn't interested BUT THEN, an inactive and his girlfriend (who we have taught before and who we have been trying to get a hold of) walked up and started talking with us! It was a miracle! Trust those promptings!

Have you guys read “the powers of heaven” by Elder Bednar from this past conference?? Oh my goodness. I studied it this week. I have SUCH A DEEP APPRECIATION for the priesthood. President Larkin was talking about the priesthood for awhile and then he turned to the sisters and said, I don’t want you to think I’m leaving you out. “When a husband and wife are bound together they become JOINT heirs to the priesthood” How profound. I love that we can be equal partners with our spouses and that worthy priesthood holders can use their authority to lead and guide the family, with the support of their wives. Oh, I love the priesthood.

Ok, funny story time. So I have always loved Asians and think it is so funny when my companion mixes her language with mine. She asked me the other day if I had ever seen the movie “museum comes alive”, and I was like- uh what movie is that? She was talking about night at the museum, but Korean translation is “museum comes alive” hahha. Then we were sitting next to Jillian Cox in church and I was talking about how tan she was and sister kim leaned over to her and said “ Oh wow! Good job!”and Jillian was really confused and asked why and she said “your skin so good!”haha. I had to hold my breath so I wouldn't laugh.

Oh, this week, I broke sculpture on someone’s porch. I was walking away and my skirt caught on it and pulled it off the porch and it busted. SO OOOO AWKWARD. At least you know my skirts are long enough right? J

Ps, the pics- one is in front of the mission home, another is …. OH MY GOODNESS! I forgot to tell you I put snail slime on my face!!! Wow. We put Korean masks on our faces and guess what they were made of, yep: snail poo. That’s what the picture is. It didn’t really fit on my face and sister kim said, “wow you have so small face”. I told her I was aware of that.
My collage of the entire family is next to my desk :) makes me so happy.
Another is of us completely matching one day. She came out of the room wearing the same thing I was. hahaha. so funny.
Ok. I love you for reals. Have a good week!
 Love, Sister Me.

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