Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SUCH a Short Email...


Well, Joe got baptized this week!!! Chee! My heart is swollen with joy. No literally, it’s swollen. Like I can feel it expand in my chest. Same as when we teach this old lady named Joanne.

Anyways, Joe’s baptism was a miracle and beautiful. I love seeing people I teach enter the waters of baptism. It is the best thing in the whole world. He went under and then he just came up and looked through the glass and smiled at everyone. Haha! I love him!

This week was full of tender mercies. Sister Feller had to come and be with me and Sis. Hirraro on Friday. Oh my heck. It was the best day of my life. haha. I needed her! We all went tracting together and it was pouring down rain! Sister Feller was wearing a white skirt and she slipped and fell down this driveway for like 5 feet. Her skirt was all wet and muddy. hahah I was dyyying laughing. It was so flippin funny. She was ok. Don’t worry.

Then she came to the baptism Saturday night because she taught Joe too! Oh, it was marvelous. A member took all of us and Joe out to eat afterwards and it was just a really nice time.

I love being bold with people. The spirit is so strong and backs you up when you testify boldly. haha and people’s reactions are so funny. The Lord promises us that He is with us in D&C 84:88 and it is true! He has our backs when we are doing His work!

Oh man, So many things happened this week, but I am so out of time! I will be better next week! I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Mara.

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