Monday, February 27, 2012

Mama Mia!

Ok, I’m for sure having an identity crisis. I don’t know whether I am Asian, Indian, or Polynesian anymore. Oh my goodness. There are so many Asians here. I love em’. They make me smile. Except for the mean ones. Not so much.

This week was a grand one! It flew by, but then again it feels like I haven’t written in like a month! Ok, FIRST OFF. I saw my good friend Taylor Short at Outback Steakhouse! Ahhh! Made my day! It was so fun to see him. He is such a good, fun, supportive friend. It was so good to see him. Tender mercy ;) I loved seeing him.

Have I told you about Joe? He is getting baptized March 10th haha he is alll over it too. Yesterday he came up to us and was like, “Ok girls, March 10th at 10am.” Then he called us later and asked if we had scheduled the building yet. haha dang! He was a smoker for 40 years and he finally quit. A different member of the ward has been fasting for him everyday and he notices the difference! What a beautiful thing.

Jessica, my investigator who I love more than anything, is the cutest. She is supposed to be baptized this coming Saturday but her husband said she can’t go to church :( They got into a fight about it and so we have to back off. Gosh, I love her! She really has such a sincere desire to feel God in her life and be close to Him. I love her. Pray for her!

Tiff-tiff got baptized this week :) :) She wrote me a loong letter. Sister Clement and Banks are great for her! Its fantastic. I’m so so happy. I didn’t get to go to the baptism :( Oh, it broke my heart, but what matters most is that she made that promise with God. Her life will never be the same again. I’m so proud of her. We will be lifelong friends. Gosh! I love her.

Ok, this week I decided I’m going to be a missionary that Pres. can count on. I’m just going to completely forget about me and do whatever I am asked and help the sisters who need the most help. Yep. Sis. Hirano is funny stuff. We laughed so so much this week.

I always do this thing to her while we are standing on the doorstep: I will knock on the door and then be like "Oh my gosh look at that huge spider!" Then she looks away and then I pretend to fall asleep standing up. Its dumb, but SOOO FUNNY. So last night we met with this 68 year old woman named Joan (investigator= awesome) and we were talking to her, we turned away for less than 10 seconds to talk to her granddaughter, China, and when we turned back around she was SLEEPING. Like legitimately sleeping. hahahahaha we were laughing so hard.

Then we went to dinner with a family and the dad is a heart surgeon and everyone is a genius in the family. The little 7 year old boy said that he wanted to serve a mission in japan and I was like oh! Sis. Hirano is from Japan. (She is half japanese, half white and straight from Utah and speaks NO Japanese) then the whole family starts speaking Japanese to her and she is just smiling and nodding, having no idea what they are saying. hahah. It was hilarious.

The stake president keeps saying that he wants to make this my legacy area… which means I will be here for a year. Oh boy. haha. I’m ready for it! Whatever the Lord asks, I will do it.

Bueno, I hope you all are doing well!

Love you all the most!

Sister Mara

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