Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The fun has arrrrrivvveddd!


Ok in response to Alia’s rebuking I will write a longER email this week. I am enjoying this transfer, but it is hard! Let me tell ya! Whew! This week was Sister Hirraro's bday and it was the happiest I have ever seen her! I decorated the room with toilet paper streamers, made her bed and wrote her a poem. She just likes knowing that she is loved. But HEY- I only got so much toilet paper to hang from the ceiling! haha. jk.

OH, I do NOT like fasting on the mission!! Oh my heck it is torture. But I sure do have a testimony of it now! We had to fast as a zone on Thursday and let me just say, I should fast everyday of my mission. EVERY SINGLE house we went to, they offered us food! I'm not kidding. I got offered, dumplings, oatmeal, trailmix, oreos, cream soda, ice cream, a loaf of bread and more but I can't think of it. You better believe i got it all "to go" and then I stuffed myself after the longest 24 hours of my life. BUT we taught 7 lessons and found 4 new people to teach, all in one day. FASTING works!

Family, I love you. 

I have truly truly felt the Savior's and Heavenly Father's love for me and his children this week. I have such a personal relationship with him and it is amazing. I love this work!

I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Mara

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