Wednesday, February 22, 2012

KNEE-HOW. That's how you say hi in mandarin.

I learned one thing this week: I can do hard things. Yep. haha. D&C 12:8 is my mission scripture. It is what I strive for as a missionary.
Tabby's baptism was beautiful. They called me when I was leaving the house and the AP's told me I couldn't go. Oh my word, my heart sank. But I figured there was someone we needed to meet that morning. But then they called back 5 minutes later and President gave them the go ahead! We were 15 minutes late and almost missed the baptism but we got there right in time. I cried so hard! I was so happy for this little girl. I just held her and was crying and then she started crying haha. I love her. I asked her if she wanted a picture with Sister Banks and her new companion and she just wanted pictures with me :) BUT GET THIS! Tiffany was there and she told me she wants to get baptized this Thursday! In two days!!!!!!!!
I do love this work so much. I have learned so many lessons this week and I know that my life is perfect right now :)  I have learned humility and to love God's children and to work work work! We are happiest when we are focused on others! I love it :)
We went to a new member fireside at the mission  home and the spirit was so strong. Oh my goodness. We just sat there for 2 hours listening to recent convert's testimonies. It was beautiful and my heart was so happy for them! Gosh, I want to help as many people be baptized as I can. It really is the key to the gate of happiness and eternal life!  I love my mission president so much. We have interviews this week.
I'm embarrassed at how sad I was about leaving Federal Way. I still miss it but God's children need to be saved everywhere! That's all that matters. Christ didn't give up, so I won't give up. I love helping people, wherever it is. I'm so grateful for this mission.
Can I just say, I love hearing investigator's pray?! It is my favorite thing to hear ever. I love hearing them pray to their Heavenly Father and cultivate a relationship with Him, like they never have before. Oh, it's beautiful!
My zone calls me and my companion the "miracle sisters" haha. It's funny. We are just working so hard and try to be as unified as we can and the Lord makes up the rest. One of our investigators, Joe, quit smoking for the first time in 36 years!! Each day a member from the ward is fasting for him these next couple of weeks and he should be able to be baptized in 2 weeks!!! Yayayaya!
My companion is a WONDERFUL missionary. So cute. She loves the people so so much and really cares about their well-being. She has such a big heart. I'm trying to be her best friend and a comfort to her. I asked her if she loved my personality... and she didn't answer hahah. Oh well, I do!
Heavenly Father is my best friend! Oh I love reading the Book of Mormon and learning about His Son and teachings! I know He hears our prayers and all He wants for us is to be the happiest. They see our potential and we are given experiences to become exactly who they want us to be! It's such a beautifully perfect thing.
This morning we went and visited this woman named Karchee. My hands were cold from being outside and she shakes my hand and then pulls away really quick and all exasperated. Then she runs to her kitchen and gets us some water. She gets Sister Hirano some cold, normal water. Then she brings me hot water... with nothing in it. Just hot water. hahah so funny.
K familia. I love you. I for rills do. I'm praying for you lots!! Keep doing yo thang, be happy ;) life is more fun when you are anyways.
Love, Sister Mara.

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