Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here comes the sun, little darlin!

Well Helllllo Family!

What a week! It felt like the fastest, yet longest week of my ENTIRE LIFE. haha! Crazy! Thank you for your letter and the skirts and shirts!!!! ahhh! I’m so excited! It has been like 60 degrees and sunny all week and I just wanted colorful things to wear! Sara Bear did a great job picking out the skirt! I haven’t tried it on but Its so dang cute!!!
Man! Being on a mission is like living life in fast forward! Holy smokes. I am learning to rely more and more on my Heavenly Father and attach my heart to Him! I’m learning to deal with changes pretty well hahaha... I got transferred again! I love the people I meet and the eternal friends that I am making. Oh happy day. Life is so good! It really is! So I took Sister Feller’s place and am with her old companion. She said they don’t laugh much, but they get a lot of work done. Imma about to show this lil trick that you can do both at the same time! haha, jk jk. I’m really super humble I swear. …

I learned so much last transfer! I learned that every emotion and reaction to that emotion is a choice! I learned to let go of things and just keep going. I’m not perfect at it, but it has made all of the difference! Some things got under my skin this last transfer and it made SUCH the difference to just let it go and move forward! Holy smokes. It makes life so much better!

I learned to really live in the moment. I was eating lunch on Sunday and was thinking how great it would to be at home with the family but then I knew that I would look back on that moment and wish that I could relive it again. So I lived in the moment right then! and I’m so so happy that I did! haha. Just live in the moment and love it. This moment is the best moment of your lives! right now. or now. or now.

Also, people LOVED Sister Banks. They would always tell her how awesome she was. I agreed! haha. Naturally my mind started thinking “Well why don’t they think that about me?” uhhh, immature I know! haha! How embarrassing. But then I realized (as Heavenly Father would want us to) that I am so happy that she is there and can help them! I’m so happy they she is who they needed and that they could have that bond with her! I loved that and it made me so happy!

Gosh. Imma miss Sister Banks!

I’m back in the mountains. I have decided my heart likes to be near the ocean. Yep. But I love the people here and I love Sister Hirano. I love that she is so hard working and obedient. I love all the memories we are going to make and people we will teach! This is going to be an amazing transfer! I feel it in my bones…

Well, I love you guys! I love your letters!

Be happy! Smile! Laugh! Be good! Love the Lord! Love all of His children!

ofa atu, Sister Mara.

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