Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Growing in EVERY way !

I am growing!

Each time I gain a testimony about something it's so powerful. The first thing was the Restoration. I knew the lesson and I taught it to the investigator, but I could tell that we were just speaking to him. I knew what I was saying was true, but I wasn't converted and I didn't feel it. I have to feel something is true if I'm gonna preach it. So then a teacher explained the Restoration and why it's so important for the investigators to understand it. I got so excited and I know it's true! The same thing happened with the Book of Mormon-- I was supposed to teach about it and invite them to read the Book of Mormon. I got super frustrated and couldn't teach. So I read the introduction and studied and prayed and it makes sense! I always knew it was important/true but now I can teach it! I am becoming converted in every aspect of the gospel!

Thank you Ma, for sending the copy of my blessing! It was great to read again. I read that I would be blessed with confidence if I was close to the spirit and doing the Lord's will. I FEEL SO CONFIDENT! I am happy here. I know it's going to be hard, but I know the Lord is on my side! I want to develop my relationship with Him. There is a happiness here. It feels surreal. I know that Provo is right out there, but it's a different world in here.

We taught an awesome 25 yr old black girl tonight. She has an AFRO. Funny Sister Feller acted like she'd never seen a black girl before. I felt like I was back in St. Louis. We liked her...she had the whole head side-to-side attitude thing. I told her I liked her and her passion about things and to take that passion and pray to know this church is true. I really like her.

Sister Dalton spoke to us on Sunday and it was great! She is so sweet and likes to work out and is super competitive with her husband. It made me feel better about how competitive I am. I could relate to her and it was easy for me to learn from her.

My district is AWESOME!! I was sitting outside with everyone before a class and I just got everyone to play the singing game, where I sing a random song and they try to follow along. It was so funny! We all get along so well. I am going to love flying to Seattle with this group. They are all funny/cute and have things I love about each of them. I love their priesthood authority and they seem more like elders than 19 year old boys. (Mara goes on to draw stick figures with descriptions of each of the elders in her district. It's quite entertaining to say the least, but I will refrain from including those descriptions in this entry.)

So...I am definitely running out of clothes. I feel I am growing that way too. I think I am mind-projecting fat into my body. haha. I can't wait to go shopping in Seattle. Maybe Christmas??

Ok, lights out. I LOVE YOU,

Sister Me.

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  1. ahhh! Mom, thanks for posting this! She sounds like a missionary- she's been prepared for this for a long time. And I love how much she's learning about the Gospel. Its incredible how quickly you learn such deep things in the MTC. Love her!!