Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Part of a letter from Mara to Alia - November 8th

Ok, you would have a hay day watching me in this place. You thought i was funny in DC, just you wait for these stories. You ready?
- Last week i was rubbing my elbow after writing so many letters and I told the elders that I was worried I had carpal tunnel... apparently carpal tunnel is in the wrist... I'm learning so much here.
-Ok, So we went to this zone teaching meeting with a couple other districts and this girl comes in barking like a little dog. It was a REALLY good impression and i thought it was a real dog. I wanted to be nice to her cause she seemed weird so I was like " wow! that's a really good dog impression" and she didn't even say anything to me, just kept walking. Then she was like whisteling and barking during the meeting and I was LIke WTheck?! then someone told me she had tourettes... she probably thought I was mocking her. I'm done complimenting people.
-My teacher has no patience with me and my comp. You know when you aren't supposed to laugh, it makes you laugh harder. Well my comp and I were role playing and it was like 9:00 at night in class. We were so slap happy. So my teacher comes and sits right in front of us and we start role playing and just start laughing, like uncontrollably. We seriously were breathless for a good 5 minutes while our teacher just sat there starring at us (not laughing). That just made it harder to stop laughing.
Alia, the past few days have been HARD, but good. The only person I could go to was the Lord. I have gained such a testimony of trusting in the Lord and giving it to him because there was nothing else I could do. I feel like I'm growing so much.  I love you!
- Love, Sister Mara.

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  1. She's always good for a laugh! Love you Mara! Thank you for sharing your testimony! You're going to be an amazing missionary!