Friday, November 4, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

HI MA and family!

I only have 20 minutes on here and it's killing me! I can't think that fast! There is so much to tell you! THis is hard! Haha, I love it here, i really do. I am so happy and I laugh so much but its really really hard. The lord answers prayers. Seriously. It's amazing! haha

Sister Feller is awesome we always get in trouble for laughing by the teacher. I think it's a blessing that I'm laughing so much. We were about to teach an investigator and we started saying a prayer before we went in and then we started laughing so so hard. We had to stop and say our own prayers haha. We taught a man named Melvin and his wife died 9 years ago. We taught him the first lesson and about the atonement and how he can see her again. The spirit was so strong and I cried. The spirit was awesome! All i remember thinking was that I loved him so much and wanted him to be with his wife forever. and I wanted to hug him. But i didn't. Sister Feller rocks those lessons. When she bears testimony you know whats up.

The elders are SO funny. I love them all. hahahah i'm laughing just thinking about them. I was role playing with elder Walk and I was the investigator, I told him that I didn't know why they needed another book if they already have the bible. Why do they need two books and he looks down at his triple combination and says " looks like one book to me" hahah totally caught me off guard. We don't really focus that well but it's fun and a good time. Personal study is good though. I always think of fun little games to play at lunch or while we are waiting for devotional and everyone plays along. Its so fun. hahah lunch and dinner time is the best and late night classes when we are all slap happy.

I can't believe how strong the spirit speaks to you when teaching. I was teaching Melvin and I was saying something and while I was saying it I was like " Why AM I SAYING THIS?" hahah it was NOT me. But so cool. I was spiritually drained afterward and so exhausted.

I always thought I had a testimony of this church but I never really understood it until now. I am truly converted and I just keep thinking about how much it is going to help and bless my children someday. I love this church and I know it's true. I am studying charity a lot and I feel love for people more than I ever have. I am trying to view them as God does and it works! It's amazing.

I saw Clarissa Thomas at the temple! She is exactly what I needed. It was a tender mercy. So nice to see her! She is SO sweet! I see sooo many people I know! Its great! haha My comps give me a hard time because I ALWAYS stop and talk to people. I have made a lot of friends already. Oh in the temple, the lady doing my initiatory said " you will be such a blessing in Seattle." and then she hugged me. It made me feel really good.

I'm the least graceful sister ever... really though. I was eating a boiled egg and then i had to sneeze and it came out of my nose at lunch. Oh yea, i'm sick! It stinks and my voice is deep. I talk like a man and then my voice cracks when I'm singing. I might as well be a 19 year old elder.

On sundays they randomly pick the speaker for sacrament meeting after the sacrament so they tell you to prepare a talk... ya I got picked. But it was weird, i knew I would get picked and i wasn't nervous and completely confident! It was awesome!

EVERYONE thank you for your letters!! I need them. It is really helping me get through this. It's hard but I constantly have to give myself pep talks and the letters are the best boosters. Seriously.

Mom, I love you so much. I saw a mother and daughter in the temple today and I just wanted you so bad.

Tell sumner he is fired. I miss him. Tell him to write me. I always imagine him as an elder here. he will love it!!

K, I got to go. Write me please please please!


Sister Mahaffey

haha! Funniest thing just happened! I got done writing and my elbow tendons hurt and I told my district that I thought I had carpal tunnel... while I was rubbing my elbow. They all made fun of me b/c carpal tunnel is in the dang wrist! I HAVE ALWAYS thought it was in the elbow! Alia would appreciate that story, too, I feel.

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