Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Why you no like my food?!"

Haha! What's good erybody?! Oh my goodness, i had a new baby girl! haha. I just got her yesterday! I'm training again! only two sisters came this transfer but i have to have her ready to train the 20 sisters that are coming next transfer. I'm so incredibly tired but we have already seen miracles together and she invited a family of 3 to be baptized last night!

It was so sad to leave sister fedorovych though. We stayed up laughing for a long time before transfer morning. Man i will miss her. We were doing language study and she asked me how to ask if someone didn't like my food. I was like " why you no like my food?" dead serious. I thought that was correct and then i caught myself. My english is shot.

Sister Dobbins is my new companion. She's american but might as well be from a different country. She is from montana and there are 167 people in her town. the nearest town is 30 miles away and she had 6 students in her graduating class.... yup yup . I love it. She is so enthusiastic about the work and she is so much more prepared than I was haha. oh man. She is a drama and theater person and has an amazing voice! I feel like i'm living in a broadway musical everyday. Life is good.

SO last week was a trial of faith! Oh goodness, i was just sad because we couldn't find or help anyone to come closer to Jesus Christ. Then, Elder Bowen came to our mission and talked about some guy who broke the record of running a mile under a minute and since then people have broken his record several other times... He said that doctors said it wasn't possible for the human body to run that far that fast. It just goes to show that whatever the mind can BELIEVE, we can ACHIEVE. no lie. It's a beautiful thing. We are in control. It gave me so much hope and faith! I trust God!

Last night was an awesome experience. We met with an inactive woman and i just love her. SHe was baptized 8 years ago but doesn't go to church anymore :( She said that she didn't want to talk about it and it would open up a can of worms. We shared a scripture about the sacrament and the spirit filled the room. she started crying so hard and said she knew she needed to come back to church. Oh! I love it!!

Ok, well we don't have much time today. We have to run off . have a great week!!! Believe and just wait, something good will happen :)

I love you! Love, Sister Mara

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