Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Onward Christian Soldiers


Ok I had so much to tell all of youzz ( look at sumner's influence creepin up in my writing) but now i sit here and i have NOTHING to say! haha. Seriously though. I hate that!! 

I had the best birthday WEEK ever. I think I'm the most spoiled girl in the world. I realized that I don't like receiving gifts for myself. I just don't like thinking about myself!  It made me so happy and I felt so loved but then i was uncomfortable because my focus is on others, not me right now. Ya feel?? haha. But, I felt so loved and so grateful. 

So i gained such the testimony of not having clutter in the home. I have so much stuff and papers and it was stressing me out! so I organized it and i can just think clearly now. ' i can see clearly now..." haha. But for reals. 

Well, "S" did not get baptized. It felt like a child that chose the wrong path after trying to teach them to do everything right. I feel like we did absolutely everything we could. We didn’t leave anything behind and put it all on the table and left it completely up to her.

Steve is doing awesome. The ward has just welcomed him like one of their own and totally wrapped their arms around him. He plays ball with the men every Tuesday night and we meet with  him before. The fellowship is great!

We have been meeting a lot of families lately! It makes me really excited… and they are all from different countries, which makes me even more excited haha. They are so humble!

I  love sister aitiria. I am learning a lot from her! I feel  like we have been a little stressed and on-edge since a couple of weeks ago, and we haven’t been laughing as much. But I am learning to take the good with the bad and keep on laughing and smiling. Glory in tribulations, right? 

We were studying this morning and talking about angels round about us. D&C 109:22. I think often times we are so aware of the adversary and opposition that faces us, but we need to be just as aware of the angels and hosts that are surrounding us and building us up! We are NOT alone! I love this work and this gospel. It's true. Nothing else matters. Nothing. 

Love, Sister mara

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