Thursday, August 9, 2012

Can you feel the Lerv?

Hi family!

First off- we are really close with this indonesian woman, named Carla. But Sister Aitiria can't say her name so she calls her "Carler" I laugh so hard every time ( like i am right now). She doesn't know why i'm laughing, but i just imagine Madea erytime. Oh my goodness. I love it!

So I was reading through all the old emails/letters from family and friends this week. You guys inspire me and keep me going! Without your emails and letters, I don't know what I would do. So I have written down my favorite lines from your emails/letters in my journal. I thought you might be interested to know how they have helped me! Here they are:

Elder Ma'afe : " I wanna be the missionary that's known for smiling too much and loving everybody"

Alia : " I hope you get fat like me when you are pregnant so we can commiserate together" AHAHAHAHAHAHHHH!

Cami : " Expect Miracles"

Ma : " Mara, these little moments just feed my mother heart"

Papi: " we use our agency to serve and lift others. We act." " Be the pivot point for your area, your companion and everyone you will meet tomorrow"

Mckay: " Everyone I met on my mission changed my life. The people who slammed doors in my face taught me patience... etc"

Brad: " Just keep going, just keep performing, just keep trying"

Haha! I love our family and friends! Seriously. Sumner just teaches me to have fun, Alia gives me comic relief, cami has taught me to have faith, mom makes me excited to be a mom!, dad encourages me to help and serve others everyday and change their lives, mckay taught me to have a new perspective ( which helped me a lot this week), and brad taught me to be diligent.

Everyone else taught me so many more things ( is that correct english??) but those are the ones i read last night.

Are we not so blessed?! We are SO blessed.  I am just overwhelmed with gratitude and how much the gospel has blessed our lives. I love this gospel.

Felicia is getting baptized this weekend!!! Oh my gosh. SOOO EXCITED! I can't believe it :) I get to speak at her baptism. We had a lot of lessons this week, but I want so badly to see people baptized. I fasted for boldness and courage. I know that Heavenly Father answered my prayers. I feel such a renewed strength today.

I wish that at the beginning of my mission, i knew everything then that I know now. I feel like i would have been such a better instrument in the lord's vineyard. I'm not perfect by any means, but I just I am ready to work now! I know what I need to do and am going to do it!

Love you guys. I am eternally grateful for you! Pray for you always!!!

Love, Me.

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