Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Memoirs of a Missionary

Cami had her babbbbbyyyyy! and sumner is coming home?? And alia found out her baby is a girl!!! AND SELAH IS GOING TO PROM! man what an exciting week!!! haha. I'm so glad cami was ok. Lil' ace has got so much haiiiiirrr. Poor Liam :) Send me pictures of everything.
Oh my heck, i loved getting the letters from all the missionaries in the stake! Thank you! Everyone sounds great! Seriously, what better cause could we be a part of? Missions are the best!!!
I love my mission. I just decided that right now. It just happened. haha. I really do love it. Not so much the hard times,  but I love it :) Last night we took one of our investigators to a fireside at the Mission President's home.  The spirit was so strong and she got up and shared her experience. She was wearing a beanie with 100 safety pins in it haha. and all black. Bless her heart. I love her. Her parents won't let her get baptized but she turns 18 next month and is gettin baptized the 15.
There were 4 elders that I served with in Federal Way there. Oh what a tender mercy. I love love love those elders. They are like life long friends. I really do love them! We all took a bunch of pictures together. Haha.It was really such a tender mercy.
ok, so we have this new investigator, John. We found him tracting. We went back with a member  to have a lesson and John opens up the door and just stares at Alex and says " Alex" and then adam looks back at him and says " hello john". I was like " you guys know each other?!" and john said "yes and i don't like him" hahahah! It was just like a movie and so incredibly awkward. But it turned out really good and John came to church. He is atheist and does larping. Look it up if you don't know what it is. So funny. But they are way serious about it.
We were tracting this week and sister morgan kept punching me and poking me, thinking she was being really funny. I did not think so. I told her if she did it again that I was going to punch her. Like a little kid, she pushed my buttons and hit me real hard. So what did i do? I punched her in the arm. Poor lil thing, looked shocked. But she doesn't poke or punch me anymore. Don't worry i still have charity for her.
I don't really feel much like writing today actually. But I still wrote a lot. Aren't you proud? I'm a little burnt out these past few days. It's zone conference this week and that will be really really good. Onward Christian Soldiers!
Well. write me soon about what's new and tell me how cam is doing and all that jazz. I love you all. I pray for you.
Love you mucho,
Sister Mahaffey

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