Monday, January 16, 2012

Ello Poppet

Oh my goodness family! Hi!
I don't really feel like emailing today. Is that bad? haha. I just don't feel like it! But this week was super interesting. Also, Alia sent me the family picture with the big pic of my face haha I LOVE it. Thanks for including me guys :) Makes me feel pretty warm right around my sternum area. You guys are just such a handsome group. FABULOUS.
Haha, guys I have way too much fun. This week was a little discouraging just because it was VERY SLOW and everyone that we were teaching disappeared. But then I read alma 26:27. The Lord really looks out for me. I am so grateful for prayer and the priesthood. So every Saturday night and Sunday morning we do a round up. Well this one kid never comes to church and never responds to our text so I just start texting him really random things to get him to respond. This week's text was " Meng, you have to come to church! Lasandra needs you there!" Lasandra doesn't exist... but he didn't know that :)
Oh, I was hugging this little boy goodbye and he picked me up. He is 9 years old and picked me up and wouldn't put me down and I was really embarrassed. I emailed Sumner about someone hitting on me. Axe him about it. haha I really don't feel like emailing.
The relief society asked me to lead the music... OKAY never led music in my LIFE. So I get up there and don't know what I'm doing and like 3 sisters are waving their hands showing me how to lead... why couldn't one of them just lead? huh? haha my armpits were sweating and I probably got a zit from that.
Speaking of zits. I had like three little dots on my head and this makeup woman was like "here, take this acne medication" so I put it on my face and my face was BURNING. I had to run it under cold water and it still burned.
Last night was really really cool. Tiffany kind of pulled away from us because of her husband and she is just secluding herself. So she hasn't been wanting us to visit. Sister Banks wanted to visit her last night and I didn't want to because I was scared that she would get mad. But when we showed up she said "Sisters, I was expecting you. I was going to take a shower and go to bed early but I knew you would come because I needed you" SO COOL. Oh I love her.
FATIH. the answer is faith. Ether 12:2- he couldn't restrain himself from teaching. I can't wait to be that way.
 I love you guys. I will write better next week haha. sorry.
Love, Sister Mara.

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