Tuesday, December 20, 2011


ahhhh! hahah I cannot believe it. Mission president called this morning and explained the rules about calling home- OH MY GOSH. I'm so excited!!!!!! We already talked to the family we are chilling with on christmas and they said we can use their phone! woot woot! hahahah! I can't wait! This is going to be the best christmas ever. I'm so excited to talk to you all! Sister Wiley and I planned a party and game night on christmas night for all the older single people who will be alone on Christmas. I'm excited and they seem excited too. There is this little girl and her mom who have been having a rough go. The mom is going through a messy divorce and the husband is scary. The little girl has such a big heart and is 3 years old. Oh i love her. She asked Santa for a space station hahaha. So Sister Wiley and I are building her a space station and going to leave it on their porch christmas eve. We are also cooking a lobster Christmas Eve. My idea- thank you very much :) They say that the lobster will scream! And the lobsters are fresh up in here so I wanted to try. I will probably make Sister Wiley do it though ( she doesn't know that yet).
This week was so great! It's amazing how HARD satan works on you when something amazing is about to happen. We were so discouraged and down but we had so many little blessings this week.  First, we went tracting in Fall City and it was gorgeous! There are pictures and videos of it on the card I will send back home. We walked along the river and walked for about two miles just visiting all the HUGE homes that were really far apart. As we were walking these ferocious dogs started running after us and barking, I thought i was going to die. I screamed and threw Sister Wiley in front of me- without thinking- and she just waved at them and put her Cinderella voice on. Seriously, these beagles were gonne eat our faces. But we were ok. They realized how much bigger we were than them. I think it was my muscles that scared them off.
Anyways, as we were tracting I kept feeling like we should go down this one road (for like the past 2 weeks) so we finally did. The first house we knocked on- no one was there. But then we got this text message from Mormon.org about a referral and the address was THE SAME ADDRESS WE HAD JUST KNOCKED ON! woa! So we went back the next day! The guy's name is Larry, he is in his 20's and has a lot of Mormon friends and wants to learn. We have an appt with him this week. Then later that night we were tracting and this 19 year old girl let us in. Her name is Ellie and her friend Nadia was there (ps we had met a dog the day before named Nadia, and Sister Wiley was like "oh i just met a Nadia!" and I said " yea, it was the dog's name" haha she was so embarrassed) They had a Book of Mormon and all these questions about where we go when we die, where we came from, how are we saved... so cool. We are meeting with them tomorrow. I told them I liked them and that I would be their friend.
A woman that we have been teaching - Jodi Toney read the Book of Mormon for an hour the other day! We are meeting with her tomorrow too. She was baptized when she was 11 but it didn't mean anything to her and she hasn't been to church ever since. It's like teaching an investigator.
Bob Jarchow- the guy i asked to be baptized, came to church!!! For all 3 hours! so cool :)
I am learning more and more as time goes on that this is it. There is absolutely nothing greater than this. If we give the Lord our hearts and minds we will truly come to know ourselves. Everything just makes sense when  you understand the gospel and your relationship with the Lord. granted, there are still hard times and times I want to be home- but I know that is just my will and not the Lord's. There is no greater work. If I don't convert any one on my mission or see a baptism, I will be ok with that because I have been converted and that will make all the difference in my relationships throughout my life. Thank you so much for your support. I love you all so much and cannot wait to talk to you Sunday!!! I'm sending a package home, hopefully it gets there in time.

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