Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life Is Good!

Hey There Family and Friends!

I miss you. The end. Haha but seriously! I am missing my family so much right now! I just want to sit in our family room by the fireplace and listen to christmas music. But, this is more important right now ;) How is everyone?? Is everyone excited about Christmas? Who is giving to who? Oh that is going to be so so magical. Gosh, what a blast! I can't wait to talk to you guys. I sound really mature now, so you probably won't even recognize my voice.

Sister Missionaries = the ULTIMATE visting teachers. no lie. We visit all the single women in the ward all the time and I LOVE it. I love these women and their faith. They teach me so much more than I could teach them.

Bueno. This week wasn't as funny as last week, but I laughed a lot still. We got to go out to dinner with Sister Feller and her companions and that was way fun! I got to tract with her for a little while, while our trainers met together. She's is great. She is growing a lot and I love seeing that change.
We have a TON of part member families in our ward. Honestly, it's probably half of the ward. My heart goes out to the moms that take their kids to church each week without the support of their husbands. I love these women. They are so humble and have such faith.

Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel is all about the attributes of Christ- I feel Like i have been taught EVERY SINGLE one of those this week. haha. I have learned that I'm pretty prideful. I'm trying my best to swallow it. Any advice or constructive criticism I get, I have to step back and think if it will make me a better missionary and before I react to what the natural Mara is feeling I think about those things and then say a prayer and it's better! It's so much better to do that then react then ask for forgiveness when the damage has already been done. And there are no tense feelings. I really appreciate everything I'm learning. 

I am loving life this week more than I have this whole mission. I had to change my perspective but that makes all the difference! Sorry I'm like talking all about me... but we aren't really teaching anyone hahaha. We are visiting this woman who is going through a hard time right now and I keep telling her, the only thing that she has control on right now is her attitude... in a more mild way. But it's true- the only thing constant in our lives is the Lord and the only thing we have control over is our attitude. If we attach our hearts to the Lord, then what can the world do to us? I feel Like I'm lecturing. sorry. Just saying EVERYTHING that has been in my mind this week.

Oh! We got to do this sweet service project for a potential investigator. She has Cleisdale horses and had to do carriage rides through the town and she needed us to help her get them read and then watch them while people loaded and unloaded. It was fun! and freezing.

Ok, so we do have 1 investigator. His name is Morgan. He is a young single adult. He looks like a vampire from twilight. Everyone here looks like a vampire from twilight. Pastey paste! He is suppper philosophical. I love talking and teaching him because he thinks about things so deep and it's really amusing. I'm so grateful for this gospel because it makes life so much simpler! I always like to analyze things really deep and think about the why's of everything, but with the gospel those are all answered! It brings such clarity. Anyways Morgan- he is great. He came to the Christmas Devotional last night. Morgan will come around. Pray for him! He has a strong spirit- he is such searching for clarity and direction in his life. I think. haha.

WELL I am tooootally rambling. I love you guys. Sorry this was absolutely EVERYWHERE. Thank you for your letters , they are so helpful to me :)

I love you!! Don't forget me this season!

ps- you guys keep asking what I want for xmas- just letters and pictures from you guys! Seriously. Maybe boots would be nice. and a new skirt from HM or Gap. haha I don't know. I just want love from you guys! I don't need things. I love you!!

- Sister Mara

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