Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey Hey Hey!

Hey family!!! Thank you all so much for your emails! I want to write you all back individually but I get stressed with the time and my hands start shaking and my armpits start sweating- so Imma stick to just one.

Well imagine everything that could happen in one week.... and it alll happened to me. hahah I laughed and cried so so much this week. Such a good week. I feel like a 50 year old woman with all these life lessons under my belt. I'm so mature for my age.

I will start with the spiritual.. because despite all of my funny stories I really am a spiritual missionary.
1. Mom! You wrote me that letter and said Mosiah 24 was your favorite these days!! I read that chapter that exact morning!! crazy. I love love love it. Such a comfort.
2. Sister Wiley and I have three new investigators. We were off to a rough start because we were both new and got white washed into this area but now it is taking off and the miracles are amazing! We tracted into this woman that was going through a really hard time and she said the nicest person she knew was mormon. She has a book of mormon and wants to go to church. We didn't even ask her she just said she would- coooool. We are meeting with her again this week.
3. We taught the Green family. None of the kids go to church anymore and the mom is the only one that sits in on the lessons and still attends church. Her son Jamie who is 21 was about to go to his room for the lesson, but i gave him a hard time and told him to join us- just like messing around. But he came and joined and we taught about the love of god and the spirit was sooo strong. Well he showed up to church this week for all 3 hours for the first time in years. You should have seen his mom's face when he came in. It was amazing. I loved it.
4. We have an investigator named morgan that we are teaching tomorrow night. He was a referral and is 20 years old and is waaaaay nice. I love him already.
I love this area! There are 3 polynesians in my zone and they are suuuuch fun elders hahaha. I love them so much but they won't even look at me cause I'm a sister. fools. Oh well. I wish they could see my true colors and look past the pasty white skin.
It is gooorgeous here. Seriously it rains most the time but the sun is shining today and i love the blue sky! ahhh! the sun makes the colors so amazing!
I am more grateful for the life that i have lived, more than I have ever been. Seriously my life has been so so good and so blessed. I meet all of these people and they have hard lives but still find things to be grateful about. they are such good examples to me. I am so grateful for the friends and family that I have! Gosh, it's so good!

ok .... seriously. everything happened to me this week. Heavenly Father has a sense of humor... with my life.
#1. I hate cats. This little two year old girl goes and gets this cat in the middle of our lesson and puts him on my lap. the cat camps out on my lap for 30 minutes! it's nasty little dandruf hair was all up on my skirt. THEN sister wiley volunteered us to clean out the catbox... guess who cleaned out the catbox. ME. yea, sister wiley like gave me the scoop and just kept talking. lil' nasty.
#2. Then RIGHT after that. We walk outside and this man is walking around with a bird on his shoulder. he comes over and starts talking to us and then puts the bird on my arm without asking my permission and the bird walks up to my should and just stares at me. I asked if it was a nice bird and he said yes, but you can tell if it's mad when he puffs up. Wellll, i looked over at the bird and it's puffed up and then starts pecking my shoulder. I made him take it off.
#3. Sister Wiley is afraid to break ANY rule. So we are told not to ring doorbells. I COMPLETELY forgot and rang the doorbell and sister wiley TAKES off. she like clears this bush and so i run after her. and we hide behind a rock. hahaha. the people came out and we are just hiding there. hahahah. so funny. I didn't even know sister wiley could run.
#4. Also, sister wiley is VERY expressive and its really distracting. like her eyebrows are everywhere. It looks like she is constantly having  seizure in her face and the stronger she feels the spirit, the more her face moves. So i pointed it out... she told me to cough any time she does it so she can stop. WEll we were tracting and we are talking to this indian woman and sister wiley's face starts going cray cray. so i coughed. and then she stops and looks at me and we both start laughing. Except I couldn't stop. and i kept coughing to cover up the laugh ans said "i have something in  my throat" but i kept laughing and the indian woman just starred at me. So sister wiley hands her a card and asked if we could come back. She said no.
#5. President Larkin tells us to extend the baptismal commitment to all our investigators. it was like our 3rd lesson with margarita and we hadn't even brought up baptism. SO we teach ALL about baptism and sister wiley wasn't extending the committment so I did. and sister wiley just starred at me. Like didn't even support me or back me up hahaha.
#6.oh. Sister Wiley fainted on me. We were in a meeting and she said she was gonna throw up so we go out to the hallway and I drag her into this room to a trash can and tell her to barf in there but then she turns to me and leans on me. I thought she was gonna throw up on me so i covered her mouth with my hand. and then she fainted. and I could barely hold her up. so i layed her on the ground and just sat by her for like 5 minutes until someone came. I wasn't worried though, i could feel air coming out of her nose.

Thanksgiving was great. I gained at least 10 lbs this week. I swear every member of the ward gave us their leftovers. I loved loved loved thanksgiving. it was so nice to be with a family :) the text about kindred spirits was a joke. Her son was texting it and he was just quoting anne of green gables. hahah. but we love that family.

Sister pantoja is my idol. she has three beautful boys that all play soccer and she is so chill and funny with them. They have a pull up bar in their kitchen and we went over to teach her 7 year old the baptism lessons. afterward I just did a pull up, to get some extra exercise and she was so impressed. I'm ripped. basically. haha but she is so chill and down to earth. I love her. I want little boys so bad!! and they will all play sports :)
Ummm I'm not sure what else to write. I'm sorry I'm not responding to everyone's emails!!  I love you all! Thank you for your prayers. I pray for you guys every day. Share your testimony with someone this week- this gospel is where we can find true happiness and peace.

Love you!!!

Love, Sister mara.

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