Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You won't believe this... IT'S RAINING IN SEATTLE!!

Family! (we get to email today... because my comp missed her pday yesterday)

Guess what today is like? I will tell you. It's rainy and cold and windy. Holy moly. It's so so blustery! My Achilles tendons froze and then when i tried walking they wouldn't bend with my foot and then I look too funny trying to run without Achilles tendons... try it sometime. I have NEVER felt so much fatigue in my whole life. You know how it feels when you are absolutely exhausted and your eyes start crossing? Ya.... that keeps happening. I try to listen intently to my comp but then my eyes cross and I get really dizzy. I was so so sick last night. We were driving in the car and my comp is quite the Utah driver... aka gets really close to the other car before she even starts slowing down!

So the area i am in is in the country hahaha. No kidding. Everyone has dogs here!!!! ahh! I just saw a golden retriever :) Our apt is really nice. It has a fireplace and a lovesack. The beds... oh buddy. haha. The stars are amazzzzing though and its absolutely gorgeous!!

My comp is the sweetest. Total epitome of sis. missionary lol. I miss Sister Feller so so much already! I miss laughing with her, it was such a blessing to have her as a comp. But my companion has so so much Charity and obedience and love for everyone! She is a perfect example and when we study together, the spirit is super strong. I can tell I am going to grow a lot from here. The Ward is amazing!! They have a cooler outside our apartment and when we get home at night there is dinner waiting in there for us! They bring us dinner every night! The Ward Mission Leader is on his game, seriously he is so legit.

Last night and today were the first times I actually felt homesick. I put my sheets on the bed and it smelled like home and I just wanted to go home. This is going to be really really hard, but I'm trying to stay positive as best I can!

I read a really really awesome scripture this morning that helped me D&C 101:36-28, it's gotta keep me going. I know amazing things are going to happen here.

Okay well, We have to go grocery shopping because there is only rice and frozen strawberries in our fridge haha. I love you all!

Sister Me

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  1. haha I've never heard of your Achilles tendons freezing!!! Oh I will keep her in my prayers-- she will have such a huge impact on so many people there. They need her!